Forced to grow up too quickly nower days?

I was just thinking after the dummy or not post that dont you think that babys have to grow up fairly quickly nower days??

I know i as a mum feel a lot of pressure and did feel pressure to ditch the dummy, the bottle, and now the nappys, introduce the beaker, drop the milk feeds and in some cases even not putting them in baby grows? (a had a comment recently about my dd almost 2 wearing a baby grow at night, shes petite and i think they look cute and keep her warm, she wears pjs too its just what ever i pick up at the time!) or even stop breastfeeding for most mums.

I just think let them be babys while they can you know? Whats the rush? I know its our duty to develop there skills so they can grow up but there seems to be such a rush its like they hit the 1 year mark and thats it everything must go :lol:

My dd is 2 on the 30th, she still has her morning and bedtime milk in a bottle, still has a dummy for her nap and bedtime (her speech is fine she doesn't have it during the day) and that seems really frowned upon but at the end of the day she is still a baby! (ok shes a toddler but you know what i mean)

My ds is 11 weeks old and even at this tiny age i feel i cant take him out in a baby grow because people will think im lazy when really its not about that its about what he feels comfy in yet i don't because im embarrassed to! Someone also told me the other day that his head is too wobbly for his age... erm he is an 11 week old BABY leave him alone!!!!

Sorry for the rant but does anyone feel the pressure to make our babys grow up fast? xx


  • I take everything with a pinch of slat chuck....all these guidelines will change in 5 years time and everything we have been doing will be frowned upon!!!

    At the end of the day they are just guidelines...not the law!!! Use your commonsense and do what you think is best!

    I do think they grow up soooo quickly, which is scary and exciting at the same time...but you are right...2years old is still a baby!!!!

  • It is scary... i cant believe how fast it goes! :/(

    I definitely use my common sense instead of following guidelines religiously but i still feel the pressure and judgement from other people iykwim xx
  • I do think there is a lot of pressure for our lo's to grow up quickly now a days image its very sad!

    I love putting my two in sleepsuits (tegan is almost 3 and leo is 17 months) and i love it when i see babies out and about it sleepsuits, it must be so much comfier for them as well. Even with Leo being 17months I still put him in a sleepsuit during the day if its cold out, then i just put a big jumper on him (if hes just staying in the pram while i nip to the shop or something) I do get odd looks but Ive learnt not to let it bother me, as hes warm and comfy image
    sorry I had a little bit of rant there hehe xx
  • I love babies in babygrows too! You're right babies are forced to grow up too quick, I'm going to try to keep Jensen little for a while yet x
  • I do - I think people are in a hurry! What's the rush? I loved feeding my son, I wasn't desperate to wean him (all that hassle - I'm so lazy, :lolimage and even now he still wears baby gros if we have a pj day. I hate it when people start a sentence with, "Shouldn't he....." er, no actually.
  • I do think kids grow up all too quickly, they're not little for long and we should make the most of it. My hubby has often commented that clothes I've bought for ds are a bit babyish - well he's only just two, he's got plenty of time to be a big boy - and by babyish in hubby's book I mean anything but jeans!

    MrsNN, if your dd still fits in babygrows, go for it, they are so cute, and cheaper than pyjamas! My ds would still sleep in them if they fit!

    I think I'm a bit guilty of it too though, with ds I was so keen for him to hit his milestones, but with dd (11 weeks) I'm trying to just enjoy her being a baby - and I still take her out in babygrows sometimes, whereas ds was always in clothes at this age - no denim til 6 months in our house though, they just look too grown up in it!
  • I totally agree with you. I had a dummy till I was 4 and my speech is fine! ( i know i put about my cousin in the dummy thread but he had it ALL the time) i was in nappies till I was gone 3 as I when I was born my sisters were just gone 1 and 2. Mum Bf us all till 6 months, dressed us in homemade cute little dresses with matching hats etc etc..

    I too hate people who comment that their lo was walking at 2 weeks, potty trained at 2 months and was reading at 3 months! Well, thats all well and good but beleive me, our babies grow up so fast that we should all just enjoy the here and now a bit more.

    I think its society that is to blame rather than individuals.

    On the same note I also hate to see babies dressed too old. I would rather see them dressed in baby gros and be comfy rather than in jeans and leather jackets (thinking Royle family here )

    Good post Mrs NN
    d x
  • dont worry hun, my dd was 2 last week, and she has a dummy, sleeps in babygrows, has morning and nighttime milk in a bottle and still sleeps in a cot. shes happy so im happy, i feel dd1 grew up way to quickly and i prob did push that so now im taking a more relaxed approach with these things. im quite strict on routine, behaviour and manners which i think is important though. xxx
  • I take my 5 month old out in babygrows all the time, and feck anyone who comments! He's warm and comfy. Job done.
  • I take my 5 month old out in babygrows all the time, and feck anyone who comments! He's warm and comfy. Job done.

    I LOVE babies in baby-gros. The only reason we stopped putting Toby in them was people kept making rude comments about "shouldn't he wear proper clothes?"

    I hate that T never wear one-sie's for bed now too. But he is a pain in the buttox to get dressed so its just easier to put him in jammies.

    Oh stop this, I'm getting all broody!!!!!!!!
  • I too wish I'd kept LO in sleepsuits for longer but I felt pressured to let him wear all the outfits people had given him and listened to comments from other. I just wish he would stay still for long enough now for me to put a sleepsuit on him!!!

    Definately not going to rush things like potty training nor I am in any rush to stop breastfeeding, he is almost 11 months and if he still wants it in a years time thats fine with me. I love those sleepy snuggles and that special time we have together.

    Jo x
  • I too agree!!! Why do we feel so much pressure for our babies to crawl, walk, talk first!!!!

    My ds will be 3 next week and i've recently been working with wonder nanny over his eating and she's given me some great advice which is actually working but she told me off for feeding my son weetabix for breakfast!!!!
    Now boys are renound for being lazy and he likes to cuddle on the couch while I spoon feed him breakfast, when I told her this she went off on one!! telling me that he's nearly 3 and is fully capable of feeding himself!! and I shouldn't be feeding him like a baby!!!

    Well I know that, but whats wrong with mummying him a bit if it means I still get cuddles in the morning!!!!
  • I've found with Alfie I'm much more relaxed about keeping him a baby for longer. With Rhys I kept pushing him to the next stage, but I was perfectly happy to hold off weaning, he quite often wears all in ones during the day as so much easier and look comfier too. He's only just moved into the cot from his moses basket at 6 1/2months and I'm perfectly happy that he's not making much attempt to be on the move yet. I've realised with Rhys is all goes far to quickly, he's nearly 3 now so I want to keep Alfie a baby lol.

    I also hate when people begin there sentences with "Is he not... or an he not...." He'll do things when he's ready too.
  • hey chick....

    just want to say (as the 'dummy poster :lol: ) that despie not liking dummies i agree they babies to an extent are forced to grow up too quickly...

    from my work and all the experience i see of babies and older children its influenced my opinion slightly....i was off bottles by 1 and same with my dummy and i plan to do the same with the getting my little one of the bottles when she is one - this is because after that i think it becomes harder to take away and i see kids at 2.5-3 with bottles and yes they are still young but not 'that young' i dont see how they are needed past that age which is why i dont Megan to have one...but in the situation you are describing its a bit different as you are giving your baby bottles all the time (i hate juice in the bottles more than anything) but i dont think its a case of 'ok its her birthday everything must go right now lol - just as a guide round about that age) of course this could all change with Megan being my first but as i said on the other post i dont judge people - at least not in the ways you are describing as my opinon is my opinion and what i do for my DD is my choice....same way its other peoples choice what they do with their kids (re read my last post on the dummy thread back and didnt want it to sound like i was criticising you personally or anything?!)

    Man im waffling now but i have to say im a 'bad' mummy as i dont like babygrows either image i think they are cute but that they look like pyjamas - she gets one on to bed each night and i dont keep my pyjamas on all day. I've taken her out in them a few times and i just dont like them - i like the 'baby' look but my DD has been in proper clothes since about 2 weeks old....people bought us alot so i also felt like i had to get them on her but as i had nothing in when i was pregnant i went a bit mad and bought lots of leggings, tshirts, dresses all in pink and so i dressed her in them but on days when we arent going anywere i'll keep her in one (a clean one from bed) during the day for comfort rather than have her in clothes (when she was a newborn she was in them and rompers for comfort and the heat etc) but i am really bad as she also had a large collection of shoes, hats and hairbands lol. Like everything its just a personal choice....

    Megan is 3 months old today and i cant believe how quickly times going so i do want to keep her as young as possible for as long as i can!

    Soz for longgggg post!

  • Oh im glad this didnt turn into a debate i was a bit worried as i went out straight after posting and thought of dear i hope it hasnt offended anyone :lol:

    Im glad others feel the same!

    Lara bless you. Im very tall as you know and i was a very tall toddler. My mum said my knees would be right up to my chin in the pushchair and she use to get a lot of nasty looks and comments as people thought i was like 5/6 when i was actually only 2 (i had a lot of hair too which didn't help lol) !!

    Lauz i was the same with my dd, she never went out in a babygrow, always dressed lovely, headbands, clips galore and she loves all that now, she loves me brushing her hair and doing a style then looking in the mirror afterwards its very cute so i know what you mean image

    I think because ds is my second and last baby i just want to keep him a baby as long as possible... im just not rushing his milestones, i know its SO exciting when they do something new but i also know how fast it goes and before i know it he will be up and about and talking and wont need me as much. Sigh.

    Thanks for the replys xxxxxxxx
  • Yeah i think there is a pressue out there, i think most of it is based on competition between mums - who crawled first, who weaned first/walked/talked etc etc.
    i personally think every child and every mother is different. who cares if they arent potty trained by 3 or whatever, they are all ready at different stages.
    i personally cant bare the competition as it puts mums under pressure and makes them worry that there child isnt normal or delayed etc.
    i also love love love sleepsuits and think they are practical and easy for a baby/toddler. I am all for funky outfits and am always buying new clothes for my children but everyone is differnet and i wouldnt think twice about taking my 9 mnth old out in a sleepsuit because at the end of the day she is a BABY!!!
    Do as u feel best a mothers instinct works everytime in my eyes!!!
  • my ds1 had sleepsuits to bed until they stopped making them in his size at around 3!!! they are so good for the cold winter nights!!!!! lol
  • same as mine, my mum used to buy them for him!! the fleecy ones from mothecare! Kept him warm and night and thats all that matters!!
  • Yeh my mum brought my dd a fleecy one, it looks huge but i hope it fits this winter it looks so snuggly image xx
  • my ds is 3 and i have just bought him some fleecy babygrows for the winter i love them
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