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Hi Mums & Babies,

This might be a long post so i appologise in advance lol. My nana (Evies Great Nana) keeps buying Evie loads of clothes, to the point of she has two of the same things one in newborn other 0-3months, now whilst i am really greatful for this she just won't stop and no one else dare buy Evie anything like Robs mum wanted to get her a dress for christmas and she can't as my nana has filled her wardrobe and two massive drawers all of newborn or 0-3months and she refuses to buy any bigger, does she not think Evie will grow, also she refuses to buy her vests or sleepsuits it has to be outfits but theses are not what she really needs at the minute. Also my nana keeps telling me to loose wieght, i had Evie 3weeks ago and am in size 12 jeans i am fine and don't need to lose anything, rob agrees also i am bf Evie and she is my concern so i will eat what i need to make sure she is well. Another thing well things she never wanted me to have Evie and went her ends now shes here she loves to show her off which i don't mind but she has told me to now get sterilised and rob to get the snip, i told her to get lost as we want more children not now but in the future. I am grateful for all shes got for Evie but shes stopping me and Rob form getting her things as well as everyone else. Also i had her in a lovely outfit when she visited on monday (skirt and top from monsoon) i got it in the sale couldnt afford it otherwise and she hated it and went her ends that it wasnt good enough. Shes just rang me to tell me she has got Evie 3 dresses, 2 pairs of shoes a coat and a pink sheep, she just got her two dresses yesterday as well, I've tried telling her that she can't wear all these clothes but she won't listen i feel bad and ungrateful but shes pushing my mum and robs mum out.

Alex & Evie xxx


  • Hi didn't want to r & r
    Could you not take some of the doubles back and see if the shop will swop them for other things or different sizes ? i have done this a few times as long as the labels are on them, not really sure how to stop her buying though sorry

  • could u ask her to put money in her ctf instead of buying clothes as this will be of much more use when she is older ?
    sorry not much help hun, xx
  • I agree with Airlie Bird, I would try to get some clothes swapped for a bigger size or even try to swap it for a different item (vests instead of outfits...) If your nana makes any comments you can just say what you've already told her, that Evie can't possibly wear everything she has bought. If you can't swap them, I would even consider ebaying them- sounds horrible with gifts but if she's just not listening to you...

    The only other thing I can suggest is to get someone else to have a quiet word, your mum or dad maybe? The clothes are one thing, but as for telling you to lose weight or get sterilised that is none of her business and very out of order!

    (btw- 3 week old daughter and size 12 jeans- good for you!!)
  • How rude!!!! I wish I could fit properly into my size 14s!!!! lol and for getting sterilized - what a cheek!!

    As fort the clothes, I would take them back if they have the tags on and exchange them for a bigger size or something she needs. She will prob get offended but maybe you can just make sure she's wearning things she bought when u see her?
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