Lumpy Formula

Hi Ladies,

We recently switched from Aptamil first stage formula to Cow and Gate follow on milk now LO is 6 months and we've started weaning. We seem to be having trouble mixing the formula fully though.

We make them up with boiled water cooled for up to half hour as recommended but the formula just doesn't mix in fully and we end up with lumps/bits in the bottles.

It doesn't seem to be affecting our daughter and she still drinks it, but we were wondering whether anyone else has had this trouble - if it's a Cow and Gate thing, or a follow on milk thing? Any suggestions?



  • Don't think it's a follow on milk thing. We use SMA, and have never had lumps. xx
  • I use Aptamil follow on and that's not lumpy either! Doesnt sound very nice though!
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    To be honest we switched to Cow and Gate for cost reasons as it's over a pound cheaper than Aptamil. We bought Aptamil throughout stage 1 as hospital recommended it and she was happy on it so didn't want to upset her tum. But once we started weaning we figured she was fine on all sorts of food so her milk would be ok to change too. Maybe we'll just have to pay more and go back to Aptamil? As I said it doesn't seem to affect her, but as you say Rosalie, it just doesn't seem very nice.
  • Thanks Mia's Mummy, you replied same time as me so I didn't see your post.
    We've only just bought it to be honest so don't have anything to compare it to. We did buy 2 tins, maybe I should open the other and try and if it's fine then return the dodgy one?
    Hoping someone here who's used Cow and Gate can answer if they have the same thing?
  • We have just started using Cow & Gate Follow On milk-she's only had 2 bottles so far! We haven't found a problem with mixing it/lumps at all. If anything, it goes a bit frothy! She was on C&G Comfort milk, which was quite thick & we did have problems mixing this.

    I would do as others have suggested, and try the other tin you've bought. Cow & Gate have a website if you google it, with on-line advisors whom I've found very helpful in the past. You may want to try this if you have problems with the other tin-or even if you don't so you can let them know. Hth xx
  • I sometimes get lumps in the SMA follow on, i put a lid on the bottle now and give it a really good shake until it's frothy, i used to just give it a swirl with the SMA infant milk but this stuff doesn't seem to mix so well?
  • mia's mummy does have a good point, and honeypops. Might be worth checking with them if that's normal or maybe it's just a strange tin!
  • lizzie doesn't have the same milk but with hers you have to roll it between your hands before shacking it to make sure it mixes properly- might be worth a try!
  • Thanks all. I have emailed C&G advisers to see what they suggest.
    The bottle I made earlier was fine and have just made some more so we'll see.
    Wannababy, how do you mean roll them? I did swirl the contents a bit before shaking them just now as the packet says to mix rather than the old formula saying to shake so maybe that's the key?
  • by rolling it i mean make up the formula put lid on as normal and put the bottle between both hands and go backwards with one hand forwards with the other-like your rolling out a sausage shape with playdough(only thing i could think of,lol) I do that for a good 40 secs then give it a good shake
  • Interesting, thanks! I'll give it a go.

    ...a little bit of me can't help but wonder if it's the way hubby was making the bottles as the last 2 I made were fine...babe if you read this I'm sorry!image
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