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Hi Ladies

Could you please give me your advice/experiences.

I have been looking at nursery furniture and I have a few questions, have you bought matching sets ie cot dresser and wardrobes? The sets seem so expensive was wondering whether or not to get a cot bed and then wardrobe and draws from somewhere like ikea but then it won't all match??? Then theres the cot changer have you got a unit, a top changer to put on draws or a top changer to put on the cot. I have been looking at the draws and cot top ones but not sure if the cot top ones are sturdy enough. So many questions sorry.

Advise words of wisdom greatly appreciated



  • In my los room we already had 2 built in cupboard, one is the airing cupboard so can be used for some storage. The other we use instead of a wardrobe.

    I got a cotbed from toys r us for ??150 and a chest of drawers in a similar colour from Asda for ??36 (they have pink heart handles so i couldnt resist). I personally do not like cot top changers or changing units. My HV said they are not recommended as there is the potential for the baby to fall off. Its not long until they learn to roll. Also if you use a mat on the floor you can let them have good kick, nappy free time and tummy time. You can also nip across the room for a nappy or vest or whatever which you cant do with a changing unit.
  • We bought a proper quality pine kiddy wardrobe and chest of drawers for lo - we splashed out a bit but i know they will last - i've had a bureau from the same shop since I was 15 and its still going strong - and the bureau is in the same style as the nursery furniture & our bedroom furniture so we know that they will still be doing the same stuff in a few years time if we want to buy more matching stuff. Picked that over the cheaper sets because it'll take the knocks.

    Plus - i didn't like any of the sets I'd seen either cause they looked nasty or they were the stupid wardrobes with one door and just space for wicker baskets which is all very well but they don't hold as much and just make for more dusting! I'm dead fussy and wouldn't buy from somewhere like argos cause you can't see what they look like.

    The cotbed is also pine but just from the local baby shop and whilst its not quite the same colour it doesn't look odd. When he gets a proper bed we'll probably get a nice one from the same pine place if we can afford it!!

    Didn't see the point in the cot top changer tbh - we just have a change mat upstairs and downstairs. We lasted about a week ferrying all the nappys and mat and stuff upstairs at night, downstairs in teh morning before we just doubled up on everything - much easier than carrying up and down, or having to take lo upstairs all the time. Once lo is old enough to roll over then I'd have thought those changing units are unsafe anyway really.

    My friend has just bought a tall narrow chest of drawers and a wider chest of drawers with a good sized changing thingy on top from ikea and they do look really nice. It looked pretty sturdy too actually - didn't test it out, but lo was pulling on the drawers and it didn't seem to wobble.
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  • Argh! stupid forum!!

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    We went with the complete Salisbury set from Argos - it has held up really well, no problems, easy to assemble and although the prices have gone up quite a bit since we bought two and half yrs ago its prob still quite good value.

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  • hi my lo has the salisbury set from argos and i think it is great value and looks lovely.
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