ideas needed to keep him awake to feed longer

Jack is 4 days old and exclusively bf which is going great HOWEVER he feeds for quite a short time before falling asleep - I am attempting to then stir him to feed for a bit longer to lead to longer between feeds!

So we have been changing nappy but that often leads to puking thereby NOT helping cos the extra feed is just replacing what came up! stripping to just nappy, tickling the feet.

these work to a point but I was wondering if anyone else had any other gems of experience to offer to try!



  • Have you tried tickling him under the chin? I resorted to this when feet tickling didn't work. Or his ear if I couldn't get under his chin. Didn't always work in the early days, but maybe worth a try?
  • my LO was very sleepy and we would spend ages on each feed just trying to keep him awake long enough to take a decent amount! the only thing we found was to change his nappy first and let his bum have some air time so he was wide awake before starting the feed! this wasnt always possible (at night etc) but during the day it did, there was still the odd occasion where no amount of tickling, cold winkle or loud talking kept him awake but it certainly helped!

    Good luck and congratulations on your new bundle x
  • I used to blow gently on ds1 face when he was drifting off?? good luck xx
  • I did what moonbean did and it worked for Lily. x
  • We now use breast compressions to increase the flow of milk and that normally works for Lucas. He falls asleep when the milk slows down after let down and is a lazy sod, so helping the milk flow quicker normally dies the job...basically you take your boob in your hand, thumb on top and other fingers below, and squeeze...Lucas's eyes just pop right open!
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