BPA-Free feeding bowls and stuff?


Can anyone recomend any BPA free feeding bowls and sippy cups? Could also do with some BPA free freezer storage containers. There seems to be lots of bottles on the market, but virtually no solid food utensils.



  • You can tell if something contains BPA by looking to see if it has a 7 at the bottom. I thought the issue was only if the plastic is heated quite high (ie in a microwave, steam steriliser or dishwasher) so if you froze it, it would be ok. Also you could heat food in a ceramic bowl then put it in the plastic feeding bowl. A sippy cup is used for cold drinks so that wouldnt matter would it??
  • Sorry the 7 isnt necessarily at the bottom but in the recycling triangle
  • HI

    all the MAM products are BPA free; can't remember if they do bowls though - as mentioned above its only an issue if you heating the plastic so i usually heat in ordinary bowls and transfer it.

    Hi just checked website - mam cups BPA free but not bowls or spoons

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  • Hello,

    I have the MAM bottles, found them great by the way.
    Well, I checked what I have and they are all #5 anyway, so BPA free. Strange that they're not advertised as such, as there's such a lot of fuss about the BPA in bottles. (I know that some people don't heat up the bowls etc, but as I freeze a lot of my food it's easy to just bung the pots that they are in the microwave, and if I don't sterilise I like to put them through a hot wash n the dishwasher.)
    Thanks for your replies.
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