My Evie's not well

Hiya mums and babies,

My little girl is two weeks old today and has conjunctivitis (sorry about the spelling) its so bad as soon as i clean it its back to being sticky, weeping and just horrible, the doctors given her some eye drops to take four times a day, it just looks so bad i feel so sorry for her. it was fine when i fed her at 5.30 then when we got up at 8 it was covered.Also its hubbys first day back at work today so a little nervous.

Alex & Evie xxx


  • aww hun, poor evie! JJ has had trouble with his eyes since he was born but just because of a blocked tear duct which is bad enough so i can't imagine what conjunctivitus is like...hope she gets better soon x
  • awww alex sorry to hear that evie is not very well i hope she is feeling better soon. i also hope your first day alone is ok.

  • Oh dear poor girl. Hope the drops help her soon
  • if the drops dont seem to be working after a few days go back the docs and ask for cream its easier to get in their eyes as even if they clamo em shut, as soon as they open em the cream gets in!
    hope she feels better soon.
    andyou dont worry. once this 1st weeks out of the way itll seem so much easier!
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