Xmas Present Can anybody help?


I have bought my husband a silver personalised business card holder for xmas, and I would like to put inside a credit card sized photo of myself and Brooke. Does anybody have any idea where I could get something like this done? Ideally i would like the photo to be plastic coated as well.

Thanks for your help.

Septembermama :\?


  • If you can get the photo taken Triplepritn print 3 pics on one sheet a normal size one and 2 wallet size one (sure if you google them you will get the details) and then it would just need laminating -any good?
  • Hi Craftycharli

    Thanks that sounds great, I shall google them to get details now.



  • Hi I use the Kodak machines in Boots (and other places) you can click on an option where you can choose 4 different photos from your memory card or all the same photo and they print them onto 1 normal 6x4 and you just cut them up. Have popped little ones of Alfie in his Santa suit into people's Christmas cards. Not sure about the laminating though. A lovely Mummy showed me how to do this just after lo was born-saves money too! x
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