my birth story is in prima baby magazine!!

Just thought id share with u all that iv had an email frm the editor and my birth story (with grace) is in prima baby mag now!gonna av go out n get it 2moz n c how awful i look in my pic!!y cnt babies arrive wen u have ya slap on?!!!!


  • Lol, that's cool! It's nice to keep hold of. I may have to go out and buy it now for a nosy :lol:

    I got a recipe of mine put in the last issue, thought they were putting a piccy in but it wasn't in in the end much to oh's disappointment and my delight lol
  • Ahhh yay, will have a sneaky look in the shop tmrw to see if I spot you!!!
    LOL at comment, I looked hideous in my labour picture and still shout at Richard for taking it in the first place!!!
    Hows the bump? Any bigger over the weekend, lol..x x x
  • I've just read it! Got mag yesterday as subscribe.
    Great story - I'd like to do one of them but the whole labour seems to have blurred into one!
    I spent some of it snoring as well after injection of pethidine so would be a boring one - lol!
  • Just read it - a lovely photo!
  • Just read it - a lovely photo!
  • i read it last night while i was in bed ill. the photo is really nice!
  • thanx ladies! iv not seen it yet so will have to buy a copy 2moz!!! xxx
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