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get you LO to get used to a beaker? I have two tommee tippee ones but Lily isn't interested. I am trying to encourage her to have a little water after her tea but she doesn't seem to know what to do with the beaker even tho I keep showing her. What type of beakers do you have?

Thanks ladies!



  • Tried a doidy cup instead of a beaker? They're slanted so LO can drink from it
  • What's one of those??

  • Hi i have a tommee tippee beaker and my lo wasnt interested in it to begin with, when ever i offered it to him he just wanted to chew on it. I always offered it with his meals, he had a shock when he would chew on it and a bit of water came out. But after a while of knowing, he started drinking from it and now gulps it down! Not really useful advice but thats how my lo eventually took it.HTHxx
  • We bought sooo many beakers and cups and my lo would not drink out of any of them! She doesn't like any of the free flow ones or sippy ones, what we found best for Holly was the kind with the staw in, now she drinks loads of water, so maybe worth a try?
  • i tried every make intill i found the one they like with my two it was the Tommee Tippee 'kids on the go' Leak Proof Flip'n'Sip 4m+
    when my daughter was at that age i tried to get them again as it was what i used with her brother but no where had them so i had to try diffrent ones but she woulnd use the either. thankfully about a month or so later our shops got them back in. this is it here there are rather good priced as well
  • we brought 3 dif beakers and my boy refused everyone even the tommie tippee one. so i kept tryin him all day everyday and now he'll drink from it. i refuse to give him a drink by bottle only milk and it wrked he did it didnt take long. but i think the tommie tippee beakers the juice comes out alittle fast.
  • Thank you ladies. I am going to go to the supermarket tomorrow and buy another one and try her with that. She is obviously fussy!
  • oooh i want that i gave millie a normal free flow beaker other day and she got a shock when water came out of it but she drank some and i think she enjoyed having sips and playing with it except most of it went over her head.........
  • I have one similar to Jodie's and Gabe is fine with it. Its the tomee tippee first cup and has a flip up lid. It's free flowing...sometimes the valved cups are hard for LOs to drink from and also worse for the teeth (if using juice but if using water it doesnt make a difference)xx
  • I have a few different ones as Bren was a bit fussy at first and just didn't want to know, when he got to about 10 months though he suddenly got the hang of it and now he always has a sippy cup nearby with water or diluted juice in to drink when he wants it, and he will drink from any of the ones I have.

    I would just give it time, keep trying her with them and offering her them so she gets familiar with them and one day she will just take to it xx
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