At last....another tooth!

One of Charlotte's top teeth (left one) has finally cut thru this weekend!!!!
She's seems to have been teething for about 2 months, various symptoms of not having milk, dribbling loads, grumpyness, flushed cheeks, dirty nappies from hell etc....! Can't seem to see her right one yet, but her left cheek has always been more red than her right.

The last few days she has been quite miserable - esp today - poor thing. Her bottom 2 came thru together at just over 6 months so she was due more as she's now 10 months.

At least I've now managed to get her to have a nap. She only had 20 mins this morning due to crying & being in pain...:cry:

Coffee time now - I don't have any choccie biccies thou!


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