Boob to beaker question

Hi ladies, I posted a little while ago about hoping to move Maddie straight from boob to beaker for daytime milk in prep for me going back to work. I'd like to miss out bottle altogether if possible so we don't then have to wean her off bottles at a later date. She is 6 months this week and the time has come to make the transition, I think!

Those of you who have done this - esp those of you who did it as early as 6 months - what beaker did you use? A free-flow or one with a valve?

She has one of those little simple TT free-flow ones for water with meals but tbh i think she dribbles out as much as she swallows.

Thanks for any advice on this!


  • my dd is 6 months today. i though you were born in feb? we've got tommee tippee free flow ones but she doesnt use them well. water everywhere so i definitely wont be wasting precious ebm in there!
  • We still bf but we use the tt valve ones for water at meal times and find them really good (as his new thing is banging and throwing it inbetween sips lol) x
  • hey PTB I am doing this to at the minute, I've been giving Reece the TT free flow cup for over a month more so to play with and get him used to (actually its been 2 months!!!!) he does take a sip from it but tbh nothing to get excited about, any way a few days ago i took the lid off and he drinks far more direct from the cup, dont get me wrong i'll be taking the tt cup with the lid on it when out and about but hwen im in the house i'm just using without as he drinks more milk this way, i also got the wee doidy cups too which lets him see the milk coming, he seems happy enough and has drank up to 4oz in one sitting which for reece is a miracle!!! lol I'm still on 2 bf'ds a day as well xx
  • No Calleigh, March 24th, 6 months tomorrow.

    We have the TT CTN bottles that dd1 used at the same age, so I've gone with the 4+ month lid from the Explora range to fit the bottle part, the sort of spout with a valve. Is that the one you meant, Peanut baby? Like Reece, she has water in one of the free-flow ones but she doesn't drink much.

    She wasn't pleased to be offered the beaker today, only had 1/2oz, but I'll keep trying. If she's still refusing after a while I might have to resort to bottle. Although - I hadn't thought of just offering her a cup, thanks for the idea, moonbean.
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