Putting in and getting out of door bouncers...

Does anyone else find this a bit tricky??

I have the Lindam one, and find I could really do with an extra hand!

Does anyone have a safe and easy way to put lo in, or take them out?


mithical and James 18 weeks 4 days (currently bouncing properly for the first time in the door bouncer! :lol: )


  • they are quite tricky to get the hang of!! Also hard to explain how I do it really so this may not make sense. to get her in i rest the seat section on my lap (i crouch down in front of it) and I slot her legs in. to get her out again I crouch down in front of her. I rest her over my shoulder and pull the bouncer off.
    Don't know how much sense that makes lol
  • Hi Luc,

    I guess that's pretty much what I do, but I worry about banging his head! :lol: xx
  • I'm the same and unfortunately have managed to catch his head a few times! I find getting him out not really a problem but getting him in is a bit of a nightmare. It's a shame as he loves it but because it's so difficult, we tend to only use it on occasions when there's two of us at home xx
  • I thought I was the only one being totally dumb...it is tricky, another hand would make life easier, but then with babies, another hand would be useful in general!
  • I think the problem is the fact it has no sides! :lol: You might get them on the 'seat', but you have to support them before doing it up. Otherwise they fall out the side! image xx
  • I bought this bouncer yesterday!

    To get Adam in, I use the velcro on its widest setting to hold the seat open (if that makes sense) and then just slide him in! The velcro is sturdy enough in this position to stop him falling out the sides until I have a chance to do it up properly...

    Adam is still quite little though (roughly 15lbs?) so that technique might not work for a bigger baby!

  • Hello

    I sit on the floow with the swing dangling in front of me and Chloe in my arms. I place her in the seat (with the side straps open) and hug her/the seat with one hand and do the velcro straps with the other. Hope I've explained that ok...you are right though, tricky!!

    To get her out I again sit on the floor, open the side straps and lift her up with a wiggle so the seat falls.

    Rach and Chloe 5 months
  • I am terrible but we fly in and out of ours!!!
    I undo the back and slide my arm down the front
    I rest her on my arm, so my arm goes from her head to her crotch and grab her bum with the other hand (god sounds terrible!!), tip her forward, we then wiggle out whilst pretending we are flying! She thinks it is hilarious!!

    The lindam ones are tricky but at least you know they are in there!!

    Joanna x
  • we have the lindam one too and i find it so hard when im on my own!!! i think its more of a practise makes perfect thing. jasmine always moans at me as it takes so long lol xx
  • I never mastered it. I either crack her head on the door frame or get her tangled up in the seat.
  • Sometimes both, if I'm on form.
  • Ive always put lo in the seat thing with it not attached to the bouncer, then when she's secure in the seat I sort of crouch on one knee with lo sort of sitting on my other knee and just slip the straps onto the bouncer, then the same taking her out.
  • I find this a nightmare. So much so Beth has only been in hers twice! She much prefers the Jumperoo anyway!
  • I also found this a nightmare so quickly gave away my bouncer to a friend. I always made such a hash of getting Sam in it that he'd be furious with me by the end of it and wasn't really in the mood for bouncing fun... :lol:
  • I tried the velcro at it's widest, and that was ok. Still find have to manoeuvre his feet, and watch his head, and make sure he's straight etc.! :lol: xx
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