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Lactose Intolerant?


My little man is lactose intolerant, he is 20 weeks so we haven't started weaning yet. Would be good to hear from anyone else whose LO is the same - what formula you use etc.



  • hi ds is cows milk intolerant he was diagnosed at 4.5months, so about the same age as ur lo is now...our gp prescribes him sma wysoy infant formula...and when u do start weaning there are lots of dairy alternatives out there, and so far i've found tescio's to be the best at selling these, cheese spread, cheese, single cream, custard, fresh milk, ut, yoghurts, cheese sauce, marg...however if ur lo is lactose intolerant as opposed to cows milk protein then u have slightly more options too as theres a few products around that are made with cows milk but have had the lactose removed from them...a brand of this is called 'lactofree'..vitalite is dairy free margerine, also check labels on any foods u buy to check its not in there, u'd be surprised what they put it in...can't think of anything else right this second....hth xx
  • Yeah being lactose intolerant is slightly easier when it comes to weaning - my ds is 6months and his allergy is to dairy in general - so its been a steep learning curve when it comes to weaning but there are products out there (all be it much more expensive, I've found).
    Are you seeing a dietician? Our paed referred us prior to weaning and that was helpful

  • hi
    dd is 19 weeks and is lactose intolerant. the dr prescribes her sma lf (lactose free). i have started weaning and am giving her fruit and veg so far. her milk can be added to things like mash potato.
  • My boys are also allergic to cows milk protein and are on Neocate. This can be used to mix with things you would normally make with milk. I also saw a dietician who was fab and gave me some really good ideas of what to feed them.

    I agree that lactose intollerance should be easier, although still tricky! Like WoWbaby said, Lactofree is the label you should be looking for. Although, to begin with (we started our boys today and they are 21 weeks) we are using fresh veg, pureed with their formula milk. They had carrot today!
  • oh and also to add, from 6 months old u can use the fresh soya milk in cooking and on cereal, much like normally u can use cows milk in cooking and cereal from 6m+, iyswim? x
  • I suppose I keep thinking, are they sure he is lactose intolerant. We haven't had any problems with him up to this point, no colic etc. Good point about being referred to a dietician as we have no idea what to do re weaning. I noticed that there aren't as many good nutrients in the lactose free milk than the normal one which concerns me.

    I think they can grow out of it so that is something I guess
  • my oldest son is lactose intolerant, and he is now 7, although he can now have dairy, i have to keep it in moderation, there are loads of products out there that are lactose free. when he was younger he actually had farleys normal baby milk, i was deterred from the soya formulas when the HV told me that they actually lower the sperm count in male babies, which last a life time. the only way he would cope with it was straight from the fridge (takes longer to digest so he got more from it this way), HV recommended farleys as it only had trace lactose in. not sure if its the same now. i too am lactose intolerant, and have been since i was 4 months old, and i still drink cows milk etc, just have to keep it in moderation xxx
  • How can I find out if he really is lactose intolerant or not ladies? He is on lactose free milk at the moment, does he need to go back to his original milk to test for it or not?
  • they can do a stool test to see if he is lactose intolerant. that is what they did with my dd. when she reaches 12 months we will be trying her on normal milk as a way of testing to see if she is better
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