Is it just me being a prude? also in BIM.

Not sure if I am being a prude or not BUT....

I saw a baby vest today with the slogan, 'I'm the reason daddy isn't getting any' . across the front of it.

I would just never dream of putting Kieran in anything like that. To me it is just tacky, offensive and just no need for it.

I don't know, maybe I am just being a bit prudish, but that is just me. Normally I laugh at things, but to me this was just a bit to far.

I just don't see the need for anything to do with babies to be refering to anything sexual.

Am I on my own in this?

Please dont tell me that at the age of 31, I am turning into an old fuddy duddy and bore..argh!!

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  • No, you most definitely are not on your own!

    Apart from being thoroughly inappropriate, there's just something quite unpleasant about it.


    B x
  • No I'm with you on that one, although I could just be a 37 year old fuddy duddy! lol.

    My baby is innocent and pure and a slogan like that is just tacky and "chavvy" IMO!

  • Thank god I am not on my own in this school of thought.
    It is totally inappropriate. I would never ever think of buying something like that!
    It was hung on the outside of the shop so god knows what else they have inside..I would not even venture in. x
  • I once saw a girl who looked about 5 or 6 wearing a t shirt with the slogan 'bitch and proud'. I was HORRIFIED!
  • g/c as saw this on homepage.

    You're not a prude hun, that is disgusting! Why would anyone dress their baby in that?

    I don't like slogan tees anyway, I think they just look tacky imo.
  • Totally outrageous you are definitely not alone x
  • definitely not alone and DH agrees too x
  • Little step too far I think. It's the sort of thing you might joke about with DH at home, but doesn't seem right on baby clothes.

    Each to their own I guess.

  • i dont agree with anything that has sexual content on but we made my daughter some vests when she was a few months old to go under clothes that said 'mummy is a spaz' (i'm disabled so its an in house joke) and 'daddy is a fat wap' hardly swearing and just a bit of fun!
  • completely inappropriate hun.
  • Would never in a million years put my babies in that. But then, I don't even really like things that say "Princess" and the like so I'm probably not a good person to ask.
  • Gabe has a few slogan tops like 'Be nice or I'm off to grandma's' lol. But I personally think that anything sexual is crossing the line, and v tacky.

    OH saw a baby top that said "All daddy wanted was a blow job" but I wouldnt let him buy it!! I also saw a baby's top that said "SANTA'S NOT REAL" and then in smaller writing "but I can't read yet so it's OK". I personally thought that was HORRIBLE as well! What if 5/6 yr olds who believe in santa read it and got upset??

  • I also once saw one that said "Sorry about the nipple breath" Now i'm pro breastfeeding even though i formula fed but thought it just didnt need to be written on the t-shirt. As for the above mentioned, they sound awful!
  • No, it's horrible. What's worse is people who teach babies swear words and think it's hilarious. It's not. It's vile!
  • Ahhhh, DD had an "All Daddy wanted was a blowjob" baby vest but it was an inhouse joke, I never let her wear it in public!

    The slogan in the OP wouldn't bother me overly, but I HATE HATE HATE the little girls tops that say things like 'bitch', and 'sexy'. I've seen 4 year olds wearing them round here. What makes me laugh is that the parents who buy them are the same ones who get all pitchforky and Daily-Heil-frenzy-driven about there being a paedophile on every corner!
  • i wouldnt let my girls wear anything like that though i hate slogan clothes at the best of times i couldnt resist buying a pj set for her when she was 2 months old just before christmas that read "silent night? you will be lucky!" so cute! x
  • i wouldn't put something like that on my lo, i think it's totally inappropriate.. i am not a fan of slogans on clothing anyway, but i would defo not put anything sexual on my baby..x
  • good god, some of those slogans are just awful... completely agree with childen staying innocent...why would you put a 5to 6 year old in a T shirt with bitch on so so wrong.....

    Im also not a fan of slogan tops but I did find a T shirt for my 3 year old nephew....'if you think Im cute you should see my was just a joke top and funnily enough never saw him in it !!!! hahahaha

  • I think everyone has their bugbears, though. For example, I loathe this notion that pirates are cute and funny, and my 2 will never dress up as pirates or have pirate decorations on their clothes, but I'm sure most people don't see it as an issue!
  • i wouldnt buy one, i think its a bit TMI, just like the TTC sucks t shirts you can get!
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