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Hi all,

I didn't use a dummy with my first daughter, mainly due to parental and in law pressure. However, with my second daughter I am a more confident with my own decision making.

I would like to try a dummy to settle my daughter to sleep but am unsure of a couple of things mainly, do you leave a dummy in until lo has fallen asleep and it falls out of their mouths or is it better to take the dummy out before lo totally falls asleep?

Thanks in advance for any advice given


  • hi. with dd1 she use to keep her dummy in all the time whilst sleeping but dd2 spits hers out as she is falling asleep. so I dont think there is a "right" answer x
  • hi, my lo keeps it in and then when shes in a deep sleep it normally falls out by itself. xxx
  • I wouldn't worry hun - LO will spit it out when they want! image xxx
  • We only use dummies at nap times during the day and I remove it once he's asleep. We don't use them at night as he settles fine after his bedtime bottle and I wanted to avoid dummy runs in the night xx
  • The WHO now recomeends a dummy from 4 weeks to 6 months to help regulate breathing and prevent cot death so I leave his dummy in until it falls out.
  • My DS1 had a dummy all the time and it was great to settle him but a pain in the night etc, He did only have it in bed once he got to about 18 months but he had it till he was 3, then santa took it.

    With DS2 and once or twice with DS3 we used one on occasions when they were small, in the first 3 months. I used to settle and stretch feeds when they were doing the feeding all the time thing. It worked ok for ds2 and i used it to drop the night feed. I held it in his mouth until he started sucking, then once he stopped sucking when he was dosing off i took it away.

    Ive not used it since, and i think selective use can be very helpful

    Gemm x
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