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I bought a silver Cross Pram System for my daughter whose baby was born on 07.08.07. I paid ??390 for this pram. From the outset my daughter had difficulty putting the pram up and down but we put this down to inexperience. A number of weeks later it was clear there was a problem with the mechanism of the pram. Every time she had to put the pram up she had to manually click in the side bars which should have clicked in automatically to keep the pram upright. I was concerned she was going to have an accident so I rang the shop where I had purchased the pram and complained. They explained that the pram would have to be examined by a Silver Cross Representative and that would mean my daughter leaving the pram with them. They said that they would give her a pram to use in the mean time - one that they kept in the shop. I was not at all happy with this - I had paid a lot of money for this pram and I did not want my new baby grandson in a used pram. I emailed Silver Cross to see what they had to say but I never recieved a reply. I then rang Silver Cross and was very disappointed by their attitude - just take the pram back to the shop and they would see what the problem was. I have left the pram into the shop today and have been presented with a dirty shoddy pushchair which in my opinion is not at all suitable or safe for a 12 week old baby. We have no intention of putting the baby in this pushchair and have no idea when our pram will be back. I cannot understand why if there is a problem like this that the manufacturer will not give a full refund or a replacement - I would get this service if a pair of jeans were faulty never mind the safety of a tiny baby. Why do I now have to have a repaired pram and not a new one that I paid for.


  • i love this pram its great value for money
  • Hi all,

    My little boy is nearly 5 weeks and my mother has got me worried about his feeding, he is on formula and goes between 2 and half and 3 hours for a feed but at night he can go about 5, he is only having 3 ounces at each feed and sometimes just one, ive tried offering milk more often but he doesnt want it.

    Im worried that he isnt get all his vitamins and stuff, he seems to be growing and seems heavier so don't know what to do.

    Is anyone else had this with there little ones, should I be worried and take him to the docs?

  • Hi hun my baby was on 6oz bottles by 5 weeks and I worried too! Lol. Seeing as he is feeding every 2-3 hours, that sounds absolutely fine. Babies are like us, some are big eaters and some are not. As long as he is gaining weight then he's fine hun, maybe ask your HV if you are worried. x
  • Not sure exactly how much milk cole was on at that age as he was bf and formula fed but the feeding sounds about the same...he was feeding around 3 hourly but went longer at fact by 6 weeks he was sleeping through from about 10pm - 6.30am.

    If your lo is gaining weight and isn't draining the bottles then it sounds like he's doing just fine. If you are worried then get him weighed every couple of weeks to keep an eye on him - thats what I used to do when Cole was small just for reassurance
  • i had this pram back to the shop3 times as the mechanism kept breaking- each time silvercross blamed me for not opening/folding it properly!

    the final time i went back to the shop i left it there- along with 15 pages of complaints from the internet- i recieved a different make replacement. i would never buy from silvercross again.
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