Baby in your room beyond 6 months

Hi ladies

Lyvi used to have her last feed about 9/9.30pm and then sleep through until about 8/8.30am and have her first feed about 9am. However, over the last few weeks shes been waking earlier and earlier and now she wakes at 5am!! (last feed still the same time).

At first I thought it might be a growth spurt as she was coming up to 6 months but I think its been going on too long now (according to my GP) and she isn't particularly feeding more in the day (except for in the hot weather, which is normal).

I was talking to my GP about it today when I spoke to her about some other things and she thinks we should put Lyvi into her nursery now. She thinks she's waking earlier and earlier eager to see me in the mornings because she can just look over at me, start chatting and eventually start whinging and then knows I'm going to get up and feed her. She literally lies there staring at me through the crib bars!

I always thought we'd keep her in our room until she outgrew the crib (which will be a good while yet as she's so small) but now I'm not sure what to do. I don't feel ready to move her out yet, but then I'm not sure I ever will image But obviously I want to do what's best for her and I'm wondering if she'll get a better/longer sleep in her nursery.

Also, it's so light in the mornings now and we don't have a black out blind in our room, but do in her nursery.

What are peoples opinions on having baby in your room beyond 6 months?

Thanks, NN xx


  • I think you have to do what you feel comfortable doing Nat you need to take into consideration what is best fot Lyvi which i know you always do!!

    As you know we moved Alyssa out quite early 4 months i think it was , i was no way ready to do this however my husband pees about 10 times in the night ,talks in his sleep and throws himself around in bed all of which used to disturb her and like you we have a black out blind in the nursery and it really helps with the light mornings. so i just tried it for one night and it worked really well alyssa slept so much better!!

  • whatever makes you and your wee bubs happy mrs, could you move her crib so that she cant see you as babies dont have the realisation that your 'round the corner' if your not in sight your not there and it means you can still have her in the room??
  • Could you try Livvy in the nursery for a few days and see if that actually improves her sleep? If it doesn't then there will be no problem with bringing back to the crib in your room!

    We only have a moses basket for Niamh and I am trying to keep in there as long as possible as I do love having her beside me at night. She has very nearly out grown it though so I think it is going to be time for her to go into her own room sooner rather then later! She is 22 weeks on Thursday.
  • Hello. If you think it would benefit Lyvi to be in her own room, you could at least try it for a couple of nights. I think sometimes we just have to bite the bullet. I know I will have to! I like having James in with me, despite the wriggling and 4/5 am feed! xx
  • We moved Mabel out last week and she is sleeping longer in the mornings, I hadn't thought of it but now reading what your HV has said I think it was true for Mabel.

    I really didn't want her to go in her own room but she had outgrown her crib and couldn't spread out properly in the hot weather.

    Anyway, the anticipation was much worse than the actual event! She sleeps much better now and we don't get up so early.

    B x
  • We had Rhys in with us till 9 months mainly as we were staying with oh's parents till that time so had no choice lol. We had the cot at the bottom of the bed so not directly next to us and we'd have a few little toys in with him. When he woke in the mornings he'd happily entertain himself with these for a little while. Maybe if you aren't ready to move her out of your room yet, if you can have the crib somewhere where she can't see you directly to see if that makes a difference.
  • We still have Sasha in our room and will for another couple of months until our spare room becomes free (we have my friend living with us while she has been a student nurse). Sasha is in a cot attached to our bed and she quite often wakes up early, when I hear her I turn my back so I'm facing away from her and usually she goes back off but
    sometimes she wriggles over until she can grab me, which I love too :\)

    I will enjoy the lie in when she does move into her own room but I know I will really miss her too. :cry:
  • Do what u think is best for u. We moved rhea into her own room at 9 weeks. Mainly cause she outgrew her Moses basket & she faffs about a lot. Since moving her in everyone has been getting better sleep she's been sleeping from 8/9 ish right through to 8.20 am on the dot! I just wish we'd made the decision sooner, but didn't feel ready!

    Jayne xx
  • Hi
    Erin is still in with us, mainly because we live in a 1 bedroom house! She is 10.5 months and really think we would all benefit from her having her own room. But until we sell our house thats not going to happen.

    She is an good sleeper, unless she is teething and I do like watching her in the mornings when she is playing in her cot, its so cute.

    Do whatever is right for you and Lyvi hun.

  • Like the others say, do what is best for you. If you are not ready then don't feel any pressure to make any changes. We have our LO with us and he is 9 months and intend to keep him there past 1. He sleeps in his cot and has done since day 1.
  • Hey NN,

    Nice to be joining in over here lol...

    I cant offer much advice though given Megan is only 3 weeks old tomorrow (already!) however i work as a hv staff nurse and usually recommend peopel but LOs in their own room at 6 months for the reasons you have been told (or 8 months if mums nervous but no sleep effected etc) basically its everyones personal choice and right now i love having Megan beside me (currently in a moses basket as i havent been able to get in and out of our bed when i was so uncomfortable so have we have been sleeping in the spare room as the bed is lower down and a normal mattress so taking moses basket in as crib in our room) moving back into our room this week so will see how she finds the crib (that has to be at teh bottom of our bed not right next to me cause of the size of the bed so already im not liking that lol)

    i would give it a go - im sure Lyvi will be fine (and you!) but if it doesnt work you can always move her back although it can take a good nights for her toadjust...

    just do what you feel most comfortable with..good luck!

  • We moved Elana at 16 weeks because of this very reason, OH works shifts and his morning shifts he was up at half 4 and so was Elana, he also snores and she was waking with this. She has had the odd bad night since due to teething mainly and the warm weather but now sleeps 7pm - 9am most days.

    It was the hardest thing I have done since having her but it was the best thing for us all in the long run. Plus she loved all the extra space in her cot and has slept like a starfish since image

    You really have to do what's best for you both hun. Can you put her in your room where she cant see you? for a night to try that.x
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