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banana poo (tmi)

sometimes evie's poo's are full of little wiggly black bits. i've been cutting things out and stuff to try and work out if it's something she's eating and we've established that it's off the banana. i figured it was probably just the indigestible part of the fruit that was coming out the other end rather like sxweetcorn does... is this so? anybody else noticed this with banana? or does it show that she is intollerant? she doesnt have any trouble passing it or anything so i've not stopped giving it to her....


  • Hi we get this with Banana too - I think its just the indigestable bits.
  • that sounds gross! LOL I havnt noticed this with Ellie but to be honest i dont look that close to her nappys as long as they are full and an ok colour thats it! LOL Sorry for my tmi! x
  • yeah my lo has this too, thought it was a bit strange at first but im used to it now lol x
  • my lo is 17months now but i remember the first time we gave her banana. i was convinced she had worms or something. oh laughed his head off at me. how was i supposed to bloody know what it was. but it was the banana.
  • omg i cant believe this post is on here, this morning much to my dismay i changed my lo's bum to see loads of black threads, i thought one of the other kids had been feeding him stuff he shouldn't have, i then consulted my mum and she asked me if i had given him any banana, and funnily enough he had mashed banana for the first time last night.

    it is a horrifying sight to open your babies nappy and see that. but i had to chuckle to myself when i found out the cause.

    c xxxxx
  • Thank god you have posted this. Holly has had this for 2 days... since ive been giving her banana and i was too worried to post about it! I mentioned it in a reply earlier hoping for advice (but without asking for it!!) but no one gave any. I too was worried she had a problem! I worried too that she had eaten something she shouldnt have while i wasnt looking!!
    Will relax now!! x
  • lol, i have noticed this but then again Lewis doesn't actually eat the banana he just sucks it too death, like grapes sucks all the stuff and spits the skin, cherry tomatoes, sucks and spits lol - must get that from his mum lol lol lol (TMI)
  • Hi I gave Kara a mashed banana on its own today and her nappy were really bad after it and then a while later there was another one. I didn't notice any black bits but they were very runny and different from her other nappies. I thought it was banana as well but I was going to try her again this week and narrow it down but after reading this thats what it was. I have mashed banana in with custard in the past and it has been grand so I guess it must be the fact that I gave it on its own.
  • This happened to me. i opened my babys nappy 1 day to find it full of millions of black threads that look like worms. it horrified me. but it defo is banana. after having 4 childrenand lots of experience with children in nurserys this was defo a 1st for me. ive never seen anything like it. x
  • lol my mum pre warned me that she thought id had worms as a baby due to banana. it was the first weaning food i gave my lo and his poo just looked like mashed banana, with little black threads! bananas have hidden seeds inside thats all it is x

  • My lil baby had banana and there was black thread in it. i was very worried so i deceided to do reseacrh about it. so it not me alone who has this.

  • all i can say is hooray... i thought i was going mental when i saw all these little black bits in my LB's poo but lo and behold he had banana yesterday. I shall stop with the worrying. Thank god i found this page! image

  • Phew gave my little one banana yesterday for the first time but think it many of been a bit rich as she had a bit of a tummy ache after and was not herself, so I've decided to leave it a few more weeks till she's more used to her foods.. But the poo was just as explained here black threads all in it and 2 poos on we still have some but she's a lot better no more tummy ache. image 

  • My baby's banana poos were stringy almost stretchy lol x

  • Any advice on what the black threads could be if my 5 mo lo hasn't had any banana?  EBF and no solids yet....but black "worms" twice now.  & then she pooped yesterday and there were none?

  • Excuse us for being concerned about our baby's digestive systems or any intolerances they may have, if u don't want TMI I suggest you don't read about poos! It can be quite daunting being a new mum a d for some people ur negative comments can be damaging!

  • thank the Lord! I am a first time mum and Have been giving my son banana and I was convinced he had worms I was really worried. After reading all the replies I feel alot better! 

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