recommendations please

Since my DD is growing at a rapid rate she has already out grown the lay flat part of her pram and I have to have her in buggy mode which is forward facing. She is only 4 months and seems too small to be facing away from me (plus i hate not seeing her beautiful face!).

Can anyone recommend a 'mum' facing pram please?!

Thanks in advance xx


  • whats your price range? xx
  • Anything really but about ??200 would be preferable. Xx
  • I had the same dilemma although a friend lent us a lovely pushchair I couldn't bare not seeing lo when we were out and about - it's so much easier now to see if the sun is on her, her dummy's fallen out, chat to her etc - so well worth the extra spend!

    I'm not sure now whether it does the same but I got a silver cross 3D off ebay for ??55 that can be both forward and rear facing in pushchair mode and still reclines flat either way while she is young (she's 14 weeks). Not sure if the current silver cross model does the same but it's a sturdy pushchair and am pleased with it overall (although a little heavy/hard to steer and fills the boot!!).

    Apparently quinny (Britax) is pretty good according to a friend and that is on offer at Mothercare at the moment for ??224 - might be worth a look xx
  • I have the 3D at the moment but it's forward facing. That is what I hate most not seeing if the sun is on her, im paranoid about it.

    I have a look at quinny! ... Anyone recommend any others? Xx
  • I have the Quinny Buzz that faces parent or out and it's quite good. I loved it with the carrycot attached and you can also attach a maxi cosi car seat if you need to. Great if baby falls asleep in the car and you don't want to disturb her.
    Drawbacks are:
    It's quite expensive as a second pushchair - think mine was about ??320
    The 3 wheeler front swivel wheel is an absolute pain in the bum, but I think the 4 wheel version is much better
    Shopping basket is tiny and you have to buy it separately
    It's quite big for the boot if you only have a small car
    The raincover is a bit of a pain to put and off and I find that the zip can be a bit sticky

    It is however a very smooth ride, has different positions when facing front and also when facing parent and my baby is really comfy in it.

    Hope that helps

  • I have a quinny buzz, i dont mind it but the seat isnt huge, its quite bulky, small basket and very annoying raincover!we are going to buy the bugaboo bee as it looks so fab and great reviews. it is out of ur price range tho at 420!
    might be worth it tho......xx
  • ive got the bebeconfort loola, think its maxi cosi now, cant recommend it enough, i love it, euan has been in it for the past month as got rid of my double. its completely foldable too which is great, i doubt ill move onto using a stroller this time as this one is just as easy and quick to set up etc.. ( only drawback is its a lot heavier than stroller)

    i bought it 2nd hand of gumtree but think its about 200-300 brand new xxx
  • g/c from pregnancy but the new quinny zapp xtra is at toys r us for ??225 and is parent and forward facing, is light and soooo small when folded.

  • i now have the sola by mamas and papas and its fab! my LO is 16 months and still facing me and she loves it that way! its ??250 though but worth every penny!
    i did have a britax vigour whihc has now been discontined but replaced by the britax bsmart. i loved this one too, got it when my LO grew out of her carrycot part in our gracco pram at 8 weeks old and i was not putting her forward then! i only got rid of it cause the airline broke it when we were on honeymoon.

    we also had a second hand quinny buzz but hated it!

    anymore info on them just shout. i'm a parent facing advocate on here!
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