Baby Eczema

Hello, can you recommend any natural remedies for baby eczema that worked for your babies? Thanks.


  • My brother's got bad eczema and the only thing that works for him his E45 (the cream in the tube not the lotion in the pot) I know its not very natural but it works for him.
    Hope this helps
  • Hi Hena

    I read an article last week that Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter works wonders on Eczma and is 100% natural ingredients as the lady who developed the range was inspired to by both her babies having eczma.
    Unfortunately it's also had fab press for being a great moisturiser for women's faces so has been selling like hot cakes and most stores have a very low stock.
    I haven't been able to get any yet but I did get some of the Waitrose baby cocunut massage balm and this has helped with my LO's eczma, I use Cetraben emmolliant prescribed by HV in the morning and at every change, then the massage balm before bed. I also use E45 on his face and head.
    The waitrose bottom balm is apparently only ??2.49 so I'm hoping to get some soon to try.
    The other thing I heard of is LUSH dream cream - that's got really good reviews but is ??9.50 per pot so I'm going to try the Waitrose stuff first.
  • Ahhh Katie Lou - yeah I forgot to mention that Mitchell's flared up when I started weaning him, after quite a few trials at eliminating certain creams/food etc. I have found that his always flares up worse after baby rice - have now cut it out and he's still got a few patches but no major outbreaks.
    My friend's little boy has eczma and his is caused by dairy products.
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