baby wont go to daddy?

anyone elses lo a pain in the butt when they go to their dad?

i feel so bad for my husband because lo screams the place down when he takes her, he tries to take her in the morning so i can get some sleep but i always have to get up because i can hear her screaming? i'm sure its normal for them to want mummy more, i just feel bad for hubby? he does spend time with her when he gets home from work but the same thing happens so he only ever sees her when shes screaming sometimes!

lo is 7 weeks :\)


  • I had it when lo was about that age. On the sunday and beginning of the week it was fine, but later on in the week when oh was at work and only saw lo in the evening or morning it was bad. And he spend the saturday bonding and sunday was alright again. I never got a break in the beginning, cause even when oh would take lo downstairs for me to get some sleep I was still woken up 10 minutes later by a screaming baby.

    They do grow out of it though. Lo now loves daddy, whenever he comes homes I don't exist anymore. lo sees you a lot more than daddy and react that way. Michael was like that for the first 4 months, maybe a bit longer than that. Now I wish I could go away and come back to a lo who stretches his arms to you and wants to run to you. (even though he can only walk whilst holding us)
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