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James is 7.5 months. I give him baby juice with his meals, and he will most days drink nearly 100mls. Just wondering how much other lo's around the same age drink, when it comes to juice?

If it's water he drinks less. He loves juice! xx


  • Hi

    Adam is six-and-a-bit months and his juice intake totally varies. He'll have anywhere between 0 and 120 mls per meal! Some days he wont take any at all which really concerns me, but I guess he is still getting plenty of fluids from his milk...

  • Raf is really funny, i thought as a a 'treat' i would give him juice in his cup instead of just water, but he looked at me like i had given him poison and let it all dribble out of his mouth!
    thankfully he LOVES water (even more than milk) and i sometimes have to re-fill his beaker after lunch and it holds 8oz!

  • :lol: I thought James was doing well with 100mls! Oh well! xx
  • Ethan usually drinks around 7oz during the day of baby juice.

    (he'll be 9 months on the 4th)
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