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Chicken recipes for 7 month old

I really need to get Charlotte started on some protein!!

Have got the Annabel karmel books & tryed veg & fruit recipes which she seems to like. The fish ones look easy to do, it's just the chicken ones that are putting me off. Know I sound lazy but I don't really want to make all that chicken stock from scratch...

Does anyone have any easy chicken recipes they've used on their lo's with having to make stock? I have some for adults that I could use on her as it's basically chicken & veg & water slowly cooked, then I could blitz it. The recipes I have also have tinned chopped tomatoes in them so I'm assuming these would be ok? The tins I have just have tomatoes, water and citric acid in them - no added salt or sugar.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated! image


  • This is Hollys fav chicken recepie,

    In a pan fry off some diced chicken with a little onion. Add to the pan diced butternut squash and one diced sweet potato, a diced carrot and a diced parsnip. Add a splash of water and let it cook for 10 mins adding a little more liquid if needed. Then add a chopped leek with a little unsalted butter and cook for a further 10-15 mins until the leek is soft. While you are doing that put a pan on with some red lentils and cook them out then blitz the chicken and veg and add to the lentils.


    Cook some diced chicken, onion and a little garlic in a pan and add chopped up bacon and broccoli and peas, add a little water and let it all cook out. Then mush up with mashed tattie.

    You could make a mild chicken curry with tinned tomatoes (I once peeled, deseeded and chopped tomatoes, NEVER again lol) and serve with basmati rice.

    Holly likes chicken or pork diced and cooked with onion, red pepper, mange tout and peas. I then add a tin of tomatoes and some basil. Let it cook out and give it to her with basmati rice.

    Hope I have given you a few suggestions xxx
  • lol this is making me hungry! they sound Yummy! i'll have to write them down as my little one is only 3 weeks old today! x :lol:
  • Hi ya i have made most of the receipes out of the AK book now my lo is 1 on wed! The easiest one i do and macey loves is

    Put all this in a cassarole dish and cook for about 2 hrs (saves frying everything off)

    1 chicken breast cut up in chunks
    1 tin chopped tomatoes
    chopped onion
    Handfull of mushrooms
    Chopped up potato
    1 of the Baby chicken stock

    My lo has always loved this and with any cassaroles i just stick anything in like baby chicken stock carrots, peas and sweetcorn and cook it for a couple of hours till soft then blend if needed.

    Happy cooking x
  • The easiest chicken recipe I have done that my lo love is get a ready done roast chicken, chop a few slices off it and shove it in the blender. Then steam some sweet potato, carrot and brocoli until soft. Add to blender and add a bit of boiled water. Blitz until a slightly lumpy texture (depending on how many teeth your lo has!).

    Very quick to do, plus means you can have the rest of the chicken for your tea! x
  • i do a lot with chicken, as we eat a lot too.

    with any sort of veg
    with mango
    with apple

    sunday dinner- tho' do confess, i do use Heinz chicken gravy!

    i also tend to cook on low heat in oven in a bit of water - i'm very lazy with cooking............!
  • Heinz do sachets of both chicken stock and veg stock (do it in both morrisons and tesco)

    I too am lazy and couldnt face making stock from scratch
  • We just cooked off some chicken and then blended it and froze it in ice cube trays. Then I stick the chicken cube with whatever veg puree cubes I grab from the freezer and defrost them all at once... only problem is that the cubes have to stay in the tray otherwise they fall apart cause the chicken is a bit dry on its own!

    Once lo is over his fussy 'i hate everything that isn't toast and petit filous' stage we might have to get a bit more adventurous and cook up something that can come out of an ice cube tray...but I'll remember not to ever do tomatoes unless they come out of a tin!!
  • i have always used salt free gravey and just made it very weak and what ever chicken dinner we had we just blended it up for him
  • Thanks for all your replies xx

    We don't normally have a roast at the weekend but are going to have a roast chicken and I will hopefully try and make a stock so I can do a bit of cooking (unless I find the sachets 1st)!!

    My oh has been complaining that I cook more for Charlotte than I do for him, and nicer things too - too right!!:lol:
  • evie loves chicken and butternut squash, try that one too image
  • Hello everyone. My little sister really loves to eat  boil chicken breast in mixer. I always boil chicken breast and add some vegetables and mix all in my mixer. My sister really likes this meal. I take recipe how to boil chicken breast here .
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