young boys and errr... erections

Hi this is an odd question but my eldest son jack, is always fiddling with himself etc as they do, but i was quite alarmed today as he was watching a film with me and a not so graphic lovescene came on, nothing he shouldnt be wathcing the movie is pg! and the lady had large breasts! anyway he got an erection while watching it! why would thatbe?? he is only 5 and surely doesnt understand what it is, and he is asking bout sex lately too?? i'm confused is this normal for a boy of his age! oh and as im writing this he has just said to me "thats why my tail keeps going up cos i like it" on about the part in the film! please is this not right for someone of his age??


  • Hi Sara, yep, its pretty normal! Both my boys have a good old fiddle, the youngest is only 3! I did ask health visitor about it as i would worried they would make themselves sore, and she said its normal and to try not to make a big deal of it. So i just ignore them now instead of doing what i used to do, which was get all flustered and tell them to stop or it would fall off! All i've said to my oldest one now is that if he wants to "play" then could he please go in his bedroom and do it, because other people dont want to see. He seems to constantly have his hands down his pants!! Is your lo at school? I found Jack started asking lots more questions when he started, he was listening to other kids there, some of whom seem a little more "worldly". I answer his questions honestly, but try to leave out anything too graphic! We also bought him an encyclopaedia so he can look things up if he's not sure about something he's heard at school. Hope this helps!
  • Early starter eh??? :lol:

    I wouldn't worry, it sounds pretty normal - I guess it wouldnt happen if it wasn't!

  • my son will be 5 next month and he doesn't ask any questions and i've never seen him "fiddling" after reading this i'm wondering if i should be worried that he doesn't???
  • just thought id pop in as your post has tickled me ... my LO is 3 weeks old....ive got all this to look forward to !! Luckily his dad has got his hands down his pants all the time so he can deal with the "tail talk" ... lol...they are fast asleep on the sofa together right now ... peas in a pod my two .... bless them !
  • He he,

    This made me giggle...

    A couple of weeks ago I was on the phone to my SIL with my 2 1/2 year old son sat on the setee behind me, no nappy on and watching 'Backyardigans'.

    All of a sudden my conversation with my SIL is stopped and replaced with the following conversation with my son...

    "Oh no mummy!"
    "What's the matter?"
    "It's my tail!"
    "What's the matter with it?"
    "It's too big mummy!...Get it off me!!!" image
    "I can't get it off you, it's attached to you. Leave it alone for a bit and it wil go back to normal"

    Bless him... :lol:
  • thanks for replies girls, it wasnt the fact he plays with it that bothered me, was the fact he was getting it from watching a sort of sex act, i repeat the film was a pg! but then he kept rewinding it too! i understand they get erections from touching it but from watching something sort of sexual, at his age i didnt think hed understand!
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