Ready bed?

Just wondering if anyone any experience with these? We're going on holiday at end of Sept when Lorelei will be 21 months and I'm looking into where she can sleep. I really don't see her sleeping in the travel cot- she was grand until recently but doesn't like it anymore I think now she's getting older she sees what a little prison it can be lol I've saw the ready beds which look perfect except we haven't yet taken the sides off her cot bed so would she be prone to getting up for a walk at all hours? Though if worked out, it could lead to us taking the sides of her bed on our return...
I'm totally undecided so any thoughts/ experiences would be greatly appreciated
Thanks, Rosa x


  • We have one for our godson when he stays he was just over 2 when he 1st used it. They are fab & very easy to put up. My godson moved about a lot in his to begin with, but after putting pillows round the top & at the side he stopped rolling out.

    Hth Jayne xx
  • Hi
    thanks for the replies- can I ask which ones do you use?
    I'm thinking she might be like your son MrsAmanda and be up and about which isn't ideal in a strange place, maybe she should be older as with Jayne's nephew. Reluctant to let her sleep in with us as I'll be 25wks pregnant and she's a real wriggler so could be quite a bit of kicking in the night lol
  • Lily had one for our hols last week and loved it. It was a Fifi one and had curved sides - they have them in argos. She loved it and slept really well in it. x
  • My little niece used one recently when we were on holiday and it was great. A little princess bed! She was totally enthralled by it and even though she woke up early she stayed in it until about 8am every morning!!! that's a result in my book!
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