vegi mums and babes?

what are you giving your babies to eat? how do you ensure they get all the right nutriants?

Em x


  • As long as you make sure your lo gets lots of protein (cheese, eggs, lentils & other beans - cheese and eggs are only for over 6 months though) and iron rich food like green vegetables then they will be healthy. MrsAmanda on here raises her son veggie, she'll give you better advice x
  • I too have been vegi for 20 odd years, and eat tofu and quorn as well as eggs/pulses/cheeses, but im more wary about giving tofu and quorn to my little one, and my recipes for her are a bit limited with lentils/chickpeas etc, I dont want her to get bored with food! whats the oil you use Amanda? Im trying to get a flakseed oil or similar...

    Do you have any nnice recipes to share? How old are your babies?

    Em x
  • Oooo, Ive not thought of giving her dahl! I think she'd like a little curry! I give her Rat and pasta, and roast veg, but will try it with the chickpea crust too. The pesto sounds great too, ill have that until she's old enough!!

    Have you not used tofu much for a particular reason? I too use lots of dairy, its sometimes necessary to get a comination of amino acids.

    Em x
  • G/c - another veggie mum here image

    Is it ok to give babies quorn/tofu? I cook with these quite a lot (fools hubby into thinking he's having meat :lolimage

  • and quorn is high in salt (except the mince)!

    There is some debate about soy and its suitability for infants, but dont know more than that. I usually go by the 'everything in moderation' rule!
  • been vege for 25 years and wish i wasnt (health issues injections etc ) just wish i had never fed the damn lambs when i was 5 years old!

    Toby is being raised as a meat eatter and i really struggle - making tuna fishcakes was vomit inducing - on my part that is!:lol:

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  • Not read the whole thread in detail, but the best thing I can recommend is the Rose Elliot mother baby and Toddler book. Me and my sisters were brought up vegi for years and years, and even now we eat very little meat through choice rather than a being vegetarians.

    I am using it now for my daughter, we all eat the same meals and although we have meat in our diets, we also have plenty non meat proteins, crucial as Isabelle has an egg intolerance at the mo (hoping it will disappear!)

    Bets XxX
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