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Postpartum Hair Loss

Hey all,

Lo is just over 4 months old and my hair has been falling out like crazy. It's all over the carpet, bathroom floor, and sometimes i find it in lo's clothes. I've heard it grows back and that hair loss usually stops at about 6 months postpartum. Anyone know any temporary solutions at how to make it appear thicker? I've heard of cutting it shorter, layering it, using products..but anyone have any other ideas? Like any home remedies? I want my hair back!!:?


  • Sorry, not had that problem...even my leg hair growth rate has slowed lol. I have had my hair cut shorter and shorter during pg so that may have helped?
  • Im losing my too but luckily its very long and quite quick so doesnt really bother me...just show annoying finding it everywhere! I mean everywhere! In crease of babys neck, hands, floor etc etc
  • Sorry I've got no real answers for you hun but just to sat my LO is 4 months tomorrow and I am the same, there is bloody hair all over the house, LO has taken to grabbing it too which doesn't help. I think it's more noticeable when hair is longer too.
    Getting it cut shorter is one solution though I would say it should slow down soon so hang on in there and see what happens when it does.
  • hi. my archie is now nearly 9 months and i am still losing my hair. my hairdresser told me it should stop or slow down by 6 months. i hope it stops soon i'm sick of looking like chewbacca when ever i get out of the bath!!!! lol. xxx
  • It will stop eventually. Mine fell out in handfuls until my baby was about 7 months old. I bought a fine-toothed comb and ran it through my hair a few times a day and that helped contain the spread of hair.
  • I currently making a 'Hair Ball' as i sit at the computer! lol My lo is 5months and its still coming out thick and fast! Luckly for me i have quite thick hair, but hopefully it will slow down soon!
  • My critter is 6 months on Thursday and my hair has been falling out too, it started around 3 months - I had two thinning patches under my fringe - and every time I wash it I think its going to look awful, but it doesn't seem to change. Its really growing back now.

    I bought some thickening spray just incase it went really thin and regretted using it as it went bushwhacker - so you could try using that, its quite pricey but you don't need much so it will last - its by Ojon and you can get it from QVC or ebay (ebay is much cheaper - but if you don't like it QVC will let you return it even if you've used it) They also do a thickening and hydrating shampoo and conditioner. Hope this helps x
  • can i just say you lot are so lucky to have it stop, mine hasnt stopped since i had my 1st dd 16yrs ago, it just gets worse during and after pregnancy but it does slow down.........i'm very wary as when i had my 2nd dd my dad found one of my hairs wrapped around her toe and it had started truning blue where the hair was slowing the circulation, when my dad unwrapped it it had actually cut into her skin, I felt so guilty not noticing it before, but luckily her toe was ok after dh goes off about finding my hair everywhere, I like him playing with my hair and he ends up with heaps of my thick long curls in his hands, i'm constantly having to unplug the plughole in the bath, the hoover brush gets clogged up too. trouble is my 16yr old has the same problem with her hair mind you i keep telling her hers is due to all the crap she does to her hair.
  • Mine is exactly the same and my lo is 5 months. When I got it cut slightly shorter it wasn't as bad for a while but it is the same now that it is growing again. My husband is ready to kill me when he finds hairs everywhere and on everything especially in the shower even though I clean it after I use it. Sometimes I find them on Kara and she pulls my hair too and it comes straight out on her hand. I heard that it goes away at 6 months but by the sounds of some of these posts it doesn't. Its a nightmare and really annoying.
  • i'm glad somebodies mentioned this because i havnt ever heard of it but thought i might have alopecia (sp?) as when im showering it comes out in huge clumps, ive not got any baldy patches (that i can see!) but i was beginning to worry. as long as it's normal then i'll just put up with it xx
  • Mine stopped when my lo was about 7 months old but it was falling out in huge clumps it didnt help when my 3 year old was playing hairdressers with me and told me i had a hole in my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!! boy did i panic and ran straight to the mirror to find the offending bald patch only to discover she was talking about my parting.:lol:
  • Oh no! It sounds to me that there really is no remedy for this problem, just time. My mother has really thin hair, I'm worried I take after her...but only really started thinking that now after having lo. I shyed away from going much shorter at my hair appt 2 days ago and ended up getting a trim as my hair is really long. But now, I may just have to get it shorter....
  • i didnt realise this happened! i have been wondering why lots of my hair falls out when i wash and brush it etc i thought there may have been something wrong. i feel silly now lol image im hoping it will end soon though as there is hair everywhere!! xx
  • Hi my lo is four months now and my hair loss started when she was about three weeks old and it hasnt slowed down yet my hair is almost waist length and i have had enough my hair is everywhere so after a lot of thinking i am having it cut to shoulder length tomorrow hubby wont know me he hasnt seen me with short hair before lol i just hope i dont hate it lol
  • My hair just is everywhere, I change the cot sheet and the next morning it is full of my hair again. I swear it gets up at night and wanders in there! I hope it stops soon as I'm fed up finding it on every surface in the house and on lo.
  • sorry for butting in but i'd read the reason hair falls out thick and fast is that throughout pregnancy none comes out at all and it wouldn't start coming out until you stopped breastfeeding, couldn't help noticing a lot of you have had this problem since 3 months so am i just fortunate or do i still have all this to come. if you don't mind me asking had you all swapped to formula?
  • I have just had 4 inches chopped off my hair so that there will be less long bits to clear up when I start shedding!!! If it gets really bad I'll chop more hair off!!

    A herbal supplement called biotin can help stimulate hair growth - I took it for about 2-3 months and I think it worked. I think it also gave me spots though! You can also get a skin hair and nails supplement from natures aid which has biotin and msm which is also supposed to help hair growth. I gave up taking these when I started trying for a baby, and I have no idea if they are ok when pregnant or breastfeeding but just thought I'd mention it for anyone who isn't pregnant or breastfeeding.

    waiting4baby - my lo is 9 weeks, and I haven't had any shedding yet.. he is still partly breastfed. I hadn't heard that about breastfeeding being related to shedding though.
  • Hey all, I too am shedding tons of hair and have been since lo was about 3 mnths old! He is now 51/2 months and is showing no signs of stopping.

    waiting4baby, I have exclusively breastfed since day 1 and are still losing it so don't think that makes much difference unless it's just me?

    Am hoping it will start to slow down soon otherwise I'm goona end up with nothing left image
  • Hello all.
    My hair started to fall out when I cut down on bf. My hair comes out in clupms and is every where!!! OH complains that it is in his pants lol. I have found lo sucking her thumb with my hair wrapped around it. I have to clean the pulg hole out after every bath or shower and the same for my hair brush. It took me almost half hour to hover my stairs and landing because of all the hair. It's normally a 10 min job. I am getting my hair cut on friday as have heard that having your hair cut shorter (if possible) will slow the fall out down. I will give it a go.
    Kerry and Freya
    X X X
  • My hair has changed so much since being pregnant, lo is now 6.5 months and it has slowed down but i was loosing great handfuls so i got my friend who is a hairdresser to cut it short and she couldn't believe the amount of new hair growth i had in one patch, my hair is now thicker and straighter then before i was pregnant and is actually easier to style so i hope it stays this way.
    I think i still moult more than the dog lol!
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