Monitor at Night

LO is nearly 9 months old and im still taking the monitor to bed with me, Is anyone else? I hear EVERYHTING wondering if maybe i should just not bother, i can hear him through the walls!!



  • we only did it for one night then didnt bother, i can even hear him moving next door so hear more than the monitor anyway :lol:
  • Nope I ditched it as ever snore/grumble was waking me up!

    She's only next door and I now get a far batter night's sleep. I do leave both doors wide open though - so I can still hear her "singing" with the dawn chorus
  • I still use mine but only because it is a movement monitor.
  • same as mrsamanda, ds is 14months and we still use his monitor, our rooms are next to each other but we have the doors shut, not sure what we're gonna do when baby no2 comes in december... x
  • we dont have one. we were going to buy one but after a week of lizzie being perfectly fine and us waking to her anyway we thought it wasnt worth the ??70+ and we never used the one we had for dd1 as we have always heard her too! think they are noisey sleepers tho lol x
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