Episotomy being redone 5mnths after giving birth :(

Hi girls, my LO is 4 months old, had a traumatic forceps birth with 4 blood transfusions, I then got a bad infecction and stiches broke down on my episotomy image (Brief version!!)
It has been a very slow and uncomfortable recovery, I have been seeing my consultant regularly and they have now decided that I need surgery. They didn't restich after infection cleared but now it has almost healed there is too much scar tissue - making BD impossible and I am still in discomfort.
Just wondered if anyone has experienced this? Is surgery likely to cause further scar tissue?? I am so nervous and feel like I am taking steps backwards but I also know that I need surgery to move forwards!
I feel that I have coped really well with the trauma of her birth and all of the complications and am just very grateful that we are both here image
I am worried how further surgery will affect me though, the fear of the pain is growing by the day.
Also petrified that I will get another infection, after giving birth I was bedridden in high dependency so I guess this is prob why I got infection a was not mobile, couldnt shower etc, any tips on reducing chances of infection??
Would really appreciate any advice image xxx


  • I have no experience with this, it sounds horrible for you. You could always try taking arnica before and after op. And bathing in salty water, but also pouring a jug of warm salty water over yourself when you go to the toilet, it takes the sting out, but will also help healing.

    I hope everything goes well for you x x
  • Im so sorry your going throught this.
    I really suffered with mine after birth, but luckily after 4 months I had healed...but like you,it has been very uncomfortable and painful - more so tnan the birth for me.

    After birth my mw advised me to keep the area clean by showering in the morning, bathing in the evening - with 6 drops of lavender oil in my bath (add 6 drops to an egg cup and a tiny bit of milk then pour into bath) it really helped.

    Not sure about salt water anymore - my mw said it doesnt help - bet maye ask at the hospital what they suggest.

    I really hope all goes well for you.
  • Snap!!! My lo is 24 weeks and I am having a fentons procedure soon to remove scar tissue. I also have an unrepairee tear, burst stitches and they sewn one bit too tight. Bd is impossible as are tampons. I'm hoping u will have some sense of normality soon. I'm not sure if we would be advised c section in future? Anyways sorry to waffle but good luck, I've heard some very positive feedback from people who have had surgery. Try googling fentons procedure xxxx
  • Hi
    My DD is 8 weeks old and I also had an episiotomy. I got infections in it and to cut a long story short it's not healed at all. I'm left with a "pit" and I'm in so much pain and discomfort it's unreal.
    I saw a gynaecologist a couple of days ago and he explained that it looks like I'm going to have to have it all done again image
    I have to see him again in a few weeks to see how it's healing (well it's not even begun to heal in 8 weeks so doubt it will now!) and he'll discuss what he needs to do.
    I've always kept myself clean, have 2 baths a day etc but it doesn't matter, if the stitches were done wrong (which mine were) then there's not a lot you can do. I'm rattling with the amount of painkillers and anti biotics I'm taking!
    Oh and BD'ing won't be done for a long time, my poor hubby!

    I'm also very scared at the prospect of surgery, we've still got to go through the same recovery so who's to say it'll be different next time???
  • Hi Kelly, sounds like us 3 could start a club! I have read they don't like doing the surgery until 6 months post birth as it gives tissues time to heal as best they can. I totally understand what you mean by pit! It's kinda nice to speak to people who feel same cos it's bloomin hard to explain. If you google fentons procedure it should give you more info regarding the procedure and healing etc. Xxx
  • Thanks hun, yeah i'll go and have and read. It is nice tallking to people going through the same, whilst it's horrible what we're all going through but i don't like talking about it in "real life"!!
    Yea, my gyno explained something about them liking to wait - which in my opinion is stupid really because you've still got to recover and it's best to get it done as soon as possible and live without pain and discomfort.
    Big hugs ladydonut xxx
  • oh poor you! Not had to have anything like that but 6 months ago with my daughter's birth I had an episiotomy and 3rd degree tear - still not right now but consultant has said it should improve (breastfeeding can make it all slow to heal apparently due to hormones) I found lavender baths helped, I was told salt baths no good as you'd need half a ton of salt for it to help, also with stitches not to have too hot a bath or soak too long. Also I second whoever said to take arnica tablets before and after. Really hope it goes okay hon and really sympathise!
    Ames x
    PS I saw a post on the traumatic births forum about fentons procedure.x
  • Hi

    I had a third degree tear with my 1st. I had been told all was fine but things were a bit uncomfortable. With my second I had a second degree tear. It overhealed in some areas, didn't heal well in others and I had the beginnings of a fibroid.

    I was advised to have a Fentons op which I had back in July. The op was fine. Afterwards wasn't as bad as the third degree tear but having been stitched up there three times in less than two years I was a bit mardy about it all. With mine they removed a lot of the scar tissue and also the fibroid.

    I would say take things easy after. I was an idiot and ripped my stitches the night after the op climbing over the stairgate. I also got an infection (which I didn't with my tears) but this was because I had my AF when I had the op and they didn't prescribe any antibiotics. But all has turned out well thankfully as I was worried I might have to go through it again.

    Bathe twice a day with lavender oil (or salt - some suggest salt others don't recommend it). Keep the area dry. I used to walk round in skirts with no knickers on as much as possible (only in the house obviously).

    No more uncomfortableness but I would say be prepared for things to be quite different down there after. I wasn't. I assumed it would be pretty simple but they had to remove so much scar tissue and obviously the fibroid that things aren't quite as expected. I never asked about how things would look after but might be worth asking if it's something that may concern you.
  • Thanks hun, great to have some 1st hand info. I've had date for my Fentons - 11th Jan. I'm having a general as there is quite a big region to be done and Dr said local wouldn't be effective enough to numb whole area - yeuch!!!

  • Hi girls, so sorry to hear your stories but it is also reassuring to know I am not alone if you know what I mean!! I am feeling a little less anxious now and I am considering ringing hospital to discuss my concerns.. I am mainly worried that I will haemmorage (sp?) again.. or get another infection.
    Ladydonut I am also having mine on the 11th Jan!!! At least we willl be able to acurately compare progress!!!! xxx
  • wow glad i have read this thread i have been in discomfort for 8 months after giving birth i had an episotomy with a ventous delivery! i'm finally getting checked out!! bd is impossible and had no idea why and was panicking about it! at least i know some thing can be done !! my doc thinks i have an infection even now so looking forward to getting it sorted out now! fed up with the pain!xxx
  • Glad you're getting it sorted Carly, I had same delivery method as you. I have read that complications of our sort are relatively common as due to the episiotomy and then a ventouse the area is really traumatised and then they stitch it up whilst it is all rather swollen. Afterwards when the swelling settles the "edges" they have sewn up don't always match and you end up with extra bits/missing bits, open bits and closed bits hahahaha :lol:

    Perhaps look up Fentons Procedure on google, there are quite a few threads from other boards with similar discussions.

    BD is impossible for me too, I couldn't let DH within 10 feet of my minky hahaha xxx
  • Hello, time has flown by and my op is in Monday! Feeling a lot better about it, I had an appt with my consultant yesterday and discussed my fears and concerns, feel a lot calmer now!! How are you feeling ladydonut as yours is monday as well? xx
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