How much salt for a 13 month old?

Title speaks for itself really. How much salt per day is safe for a 13 month old. So far I've tried to avoid as much salt as possibe, but I want to start giving lo more of our food. So is it ok to give him spag bol made with a jar of Dolmio, and to use jars of casserole sauce and things? I don't intend to do this all the time, but sometimes it would be nice to do something quick and easy for us and not have to do something separate for lo.



  • Personally we dont like a lot of salt anyway, so all of food is cooked normally without, unless there is a very small percentage already in the food. We don't add any salt to boiling water if we're cooking pasta/spaghetti/rice etc. To be honest I can't really notice a difference in taste whether its been added or not. Kelsie was having everything we eat from 12 months onwards so at 13 months I can't see any harm in him having 'your food'. Kelsie had about 6 jars and just didnt like them, she hated them, and we never liked her eating them either really. Its so rewarding when you've cooked something and LO eats it image
  • we do use salt, i know there was a guideline to how much is alright and being the useless person i am i dont remember - sorry. however zachariah is coming up to 14mth and i will happily use jars such as dolmio etc and regular stock cubes but i dont tend to add my own pinch of salt unless ive taken his portion out already. hth
  • im sure this will be fine as your lo is over a year.Im still very fussy now with what i give my kids and my oldest is 3 1/2!if getting a jar or something to do spag bol as u said id check the salt content on labels.Im also fussy with sugar too but thats just me!! xxx
  • i don't add salt to any of annes food and she is nearly 3. the only time she has salt is if it as already in the food it self, and i alway check that there is not to much.
  • I'm sure its 1g for a 1 year old. What I do is make the same dinner but take out the meat/veg/whatever just before I add the sauce then use heinz baby sauces which work well. Doesn't feel like any more prep time either.
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