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hi, yes, we had been told about that, apparantly its more with boys too, as its soemthing to do with higher oestrogen levels, but apparantly this is not a problem once baby is 6 months, also the other reason is that soya protein is quite similar to that of cows milk, so some babies intolerant to cow's milk protein given soya before 6 months can also develop a similar inotlerance to soya, again, this is only supposed to be an issue pre 6 months. i found it was the hvs and dietician who were anti soya, but the gp and peadiatrician were recommending it. he was put on soya at 17 weeks by the gp, then the dietician switched him to nutrimagen and he started seriously vomiting again, so went back to the soya, and immediately stopped being sick again. soya milk is the only ff that is truely dairy free, all the others have been treated to either remove/reduce the protein and/or lactose content, so can still contain traces of it.
also in regards to the male infertilty thing (i know every thing has ts exceptions but...) OH was a soya baby from a few weeks old ( we were both milk inotlerant as babies, he was on soya, i was on some funny watered down milk) and *touch wood* had no fertility problems to date. i know that there will always be exceptions to the rule and this could be the case for Oh, but he is the only adult i know that was raised on soya, so the only one i can base my experience on.

general soya products are also naturally rather low in fat, again why not recommended pre 6 months, but obviously the soya infant ff has been forumlated to combat that....also for babies/children over 6 months who have a cows milk issue then really the onlmy option for a lot of dairy replacement products is soya (yoghurts, cheese, cream etc), so for those things it tends to be soya or nothing, and it could be more damaging to miss out an entire food group, iyswim? or there is a brand called lactofree (yogs, fresh milk, cheese) but that is only any good if ur lo is simply lactose intolerant, if ur lo also has, or instead has, cows milk protein, then it's not suitable as its still contains it as its made from the cows milk, they've just removed the lactose.

if u are worried about the soya perhaps see ur gp, try a non soya dairy alternative to ff (ie nutrimagen, smaLF), although be warned, they don't smell too nice so ur lo may refuse it, and if that works stick with that, if not then maybe try out soya instead.

just as an aside, ds is now 16months and since the sya his weight gain has been perfect (prior to that he was actually losing weight (born on the 25th centile, moved down to the second, then climbed up to the 9th once back on soya, he's now inbetween the 9th and 25th and has been there since about 11months), he is on sma wysoy on prescription, ut cow and gate do one called infasoy, and there's a few more too, also 'fresh' soya milk, can be used in cooking (like u would cows milk 6m+) and cereal from 6months, but isn't to be given as a drink/main drink until 2yrs (due to the low fat levels)

hth xx


  • was actually being a nosey cow but turned out to be very helpful and interesting although my ds is bf now that we are weaning he is using c&g infasoy due to eczema was interesting for me toread thanks xx
  • Thanks wowbaby for that, I'm finding out more about things from gp next week but wasn't sure about soya. Maybe I have to just stick with boob but I hate soya milk and am missing my cheeses. Thanks again...big help!!!
  • glad i could be of service image

    yeh i mixfed ds unitl 7 months when he took himself off it completely, he was still being sick though, (albeit tiny amounts) its only when is topped bf completely that he stopped being sick, although, i did use to give in now and again to the cheddar...i'm not a big milk drinker anyway, so only really had it on cereal, in coffee, sort of thing so never really noticed the taste difference...oh and vitalite is dairy free (just in case u didn't know) very handy for whther ur bf or using for lo, iyswim? there's only one other dairy free butter/marge and thats a company called 'pure' they also make soya cream cheese. xx
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