Why can't real life....

be like camping? :lol:

We went camping in the New Forest last week - weather could've been better but hey, we had a fab time! First time camping as a grown up - so we were nervous! But can I say - I wish real life were like that camp site - everyone so polite & considerate.

All rubbish put in bins, all wash rooms and toilets left as they were found, pot wash nice and clean, everone saying 'good morning' etc!

Wish real life were like that *sigh*



  • That's cos you stayed in the posh campsite! HEHE X I'm glad you enjoyed our local national park, it's beautiful and as it's local to us, most of the lovely people you met are probably not local! hehe x

  • oooohhh love the new forest- havnt braved camping yet tho- i will do caravan but dont think i would do a tent! :lol:
  • LOL girls, no I'm def not local but it certainly is a beautiful part of the country. Did we get a posh campsite?? image!

    I just loved the fact that people packed up their tents at the of a holiday, and left their pitch spotless! Not a crisp packet in sight!

    My kids also benefitted from not having TV/Wii for a few days :lol:

    We had such a nice time - ponies wandering around.

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