Knock, knock, can i come in offically....!

After 18months in the ttc forum and 9months in the pg forum, ive finally graduated to baby :lol:

Evan is now 10days old and doing fab, slotted in like hes always been here image Were all madly in love with him, and he has 2 personal bodyguards in the shape of a 4 and 5yr old :\) Anyway thought id introduce myself properly, so im kim, im 26 and mummy to ryley 5, caden 4 and evan 10days.......image

Looking forward to getting to know you all....not that ive been peaking in at all over the months ;\) xxxxxxx


  • Oh wow!! Congratulations!!

    I'm Roch, I'm 22 (Its my birthday actually!!!), I have Kelsie 17.5 months and Jack 5 months, image

    Welcom to baby hon, all the girls are lovely!


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  • oh welcome

    im tracey 28, have caitlin 9 months n robbie 5 years. Welcome welcome x

    oh n happy birthday Roch x
  • Oh congrats hun, we spend 18 months ttc too but I didnt find out about this site till I was about 3 months preggy!! Wish I knew about ti earlier!!

    I am Amy, 23 and have Amber who is 6 months. Welcome to baby!

    P,S Hapy bday MGA XX
  • Thanks girlies!!

  • hiya kim!
    i wont introduce myself :lol:
    nice to see you on here, hope all is well with the family!
    Evie is 10 weeks old today image

    looking forward to chatting to you soon xxxx
  • Welcome to Baby & Congratulations
    I'm Hayley, 33, and I have a 14 month old daughter called Charlotte x (so really should be in Toddler but like this forum too much)!!
  • Hi congrats hon, i am vikki im 28 and mummy to ellie 6, leo 18 months and james 8 months.
    Welcome and as said before eveyone is great on here.
    vikki xx
  • welcome congratulations
    im loren 18 and mum to victoria 5 months on tuesday

    happy birthday roch x
  • Hi congrats for little evan and welcome to baby!
    Im Gill and have a little boy, Connor - 6 months
  • Hello! Congratualations on baby Evan...Wishing you a whole load of happiness!

    Im lauren, Im 19 and mum to Jake 5 months xxx
  • Hi Kim, congratulations on the birth of little baby Evan!
    I'm Nicola, 26 and i've got David who's 5 and Tomas who's 7 months xx
  • congratulations hun and welcome ,glad baby evan is doing well

    im lisa 25 mummy to jack 2 and a half and sophia 8 weeks tomorrow image ....happy birthday roch ...(the new fb is crap i keep missing birthday updates :lol: )
  • Congrats and welcome to baby.

    I'm Kristin (as you can guess), aged 31 and first time Mum to ciaran who is 16 weeks.
  • Welcome & congratulations hunni. My name is Lyndsey, I'm 28 & mummy to Abi who is coming up for 12wks xxx
  • Congratulations!!! Welcome to baby!!! Im Lisa,I'm 25 and first time mummy to Charlie who is 5 months today.xx
  • Hello,
    Congratulations and welcome to Baby.
    I'm Bekkie and my gorgeous little boy is 8 months.
    Look forward to chatting and hearing all about little Evan. xx
    P.S Happy Birthday MrsGA! Hope you've had a good day x
  • Welcome Evan and ofcourse you Kim. I'm Suz, mum to Archie, 6 months.
    Happy B'day MrsGA xx
  • Ahhhh thank for such a nice welcome girlies!

    Im sure il get to know you all over the next few months....dont get on be much at the minute, seem to spend alot of the bfing lil man!!

    And a belated happy bday MGA!!!!

    kim and evan xxxxx
  • welcome to baby!
    i'm lauren & i have ellie who was 1 yesterday image xox
  • wlcome and congratulations.
    im hannah, mummy to 9 month old finley. itl be good to get to know
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