Is a Jumperoo worth buying??

Hi ladies
Over the past few weeks I've read some great things about the Jumperoo but with the ??90 price tag I'm a bit apprehensive as to whether its worth buying. My main reasons are that my ds is 20 weeks on Weds, weighs 18lbs and doesn't seem that far off crawling. I have read that once babies can crawl, they are less likely to use the jumperoo as they find them restricting. What do you think?? At what age/weight did your lo stop using theirs?
I have heard some fab things about the jumperoo but was thinking that perhaps I am a bit late with getting one now my ds is almost 5 months. Advice/opinions greatly appreciated and apologies if this thread has been repeated - I have seen quite a few jumperoo threads recently but can't seem to find them now!!
Thanks xx


  • Your right there has been a few recent posts, here's 2 from the weekend

    Can't comment about when they stop using them, as my LO is only 6 months. HTH xx
  • We bought one, and I have to be honest. My daughter loved the one we put her in 'Babies R US' so we bought one for about ??95!

    My daughter is in it for 5 mins maximum before she gets annoyed at home! she is 8 months old now and 19 pounds in weight (we bought it about 3 or 4 months ago), she is a nightmare sometimes and you just cant put her in one and walk away! or leave her sat anywhere to be honest I just cant leave the room!!i relaly thought one of these would help but she's very clingy with mummy!! so for us it was a waste of money!! however we are having another baby in October so maybe that one will love it we're hoping!! and no doubt our daughter will want it cos the new ones in it lol! you cant win lol!

    They aren't cheap but maybe get a second hand one? Our daughter is still fine in it and not too big, she will bounce about and likes playing with the accessories on it but as I say she is going through the separation anxiety stage so it would take a 'clone' of me to entertain her! so I cant exactly leave her in the room anyway, which is how these things are sold to us parents! 'keeps baby occupied whilst you get on with stuff' well not in our case lol!
  • I just wanted to add, my daughter was just the same and got fed up even before she could crawl!
  • I got mine from Mothercare for ??54!!! They do price match and had further money off. Apparently Boots have a good offer at the minute ! x
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