Worried about how she sleeps...

Does anyone know if sleeping on the belly can harm a baby if it's night after night. Kyra's 6 months now and for the past 3 months she always wants to sleep on her belly. Is it dangeous for her airways or something, can she breath fully if pressure is on her lungs??? I'm getting worried now as I thought it was just a phase she'd get out of, but now she only wants to sleep on her belly otherwise she keeps waking up crying.


  • they say they should sleep on ther back intill they can roll over x
  • I mentioned this to my HV as my lo started sleeping on his belly from 6 months and she told me not to worry as its not really a concern once they start to roll over.HTH X
  • Oh good, brill, puts my mind at rest! Little raskles worry you to death don't they!? Thanks girls x x x
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