fish question

hello ladies i hope you can help

i have a big piece of cod in the fridge that needs using today, can i cook it and reheat it tomorrow, if so would you cook it plain or put it in a fish pie?


  • Is it for you or lo? I cooked salmon on the day it had to be used, and mashed it up with veg etc. for lo, which I then froze. If it's for you, I would be more inclined to reheat it tomorrow, probably just cook it plain so it's easier to reheat.

    Having said that though, I gave the other piece of salmon to my mum after I'd cooked it & it had been in the fridge over 24hours as I didn't want to risk eating it being pg! Hope this helps xx
  • if its needs to be used by today I would personally put it in a pie rather than eat it whole as it won't be at its freshest

    as for the pie, make it and cook it and then it can be reheated tomorrow

  • personally i would cook it and make a fish pie today with it then if its for LO you can freeze it into smaller units but if its for you all to eat tomoorw you can reheat it tomorrow and not worry about cooking at all!!
  • i would be inclined to perhaps turn it in to a fish pie or fish fingers today, cooked, and then recook tomorrow, if possible try to freeze it tonight. as long as its cooked it'll be fine for tomorrow, jsut obviously, make sure ur reheat it thoroughly x
  • cool thanx ladies, i though about freezing it raw but forgot to ask when i bought it if it had been prev frozen and didnt want to risk it,

    its for all of us, fish pie i think, might freeze a few portions for LO though as its huge! when i get it out the freezer for LO do i just defrost in the fridge overnight and reheat?
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