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  • evie is 6 weeks, i'm just wondering if anyone else feels or felt like they are constantly holding their baby during the day? we've had a lazy day today and havent ventured out the house, apart from a bit of hoovering i havn't done much apart from sit on the sofa with evie. i just feel that i hold her too much but was wondering if this is normal for a new baby? when she drops off to sleep i put her in her moses bakset but to be honest she's not that sleepy anymore during the day. we've been on the play mat today for a bit of excercise and stimulation but apart from that there's not much else to do but hold her,
    i'm not complaining as i love holding her and talking to her and seeing her smiling and hearing all those lovely baby noises she's starting to make, i'm just worried in case i'm holding her too much, but what else can i do with her?

  • I would just enjoy the cuddles - in a few weeks she won't want to be held any more and you'll miss it!

    I used to beat myself up for sitting with lo on me all day, cuddling him and holding him all the time, thinking i was making a rod for my own back, now he's 5 and a half months i really miss it because he wont sit still for long enough to be cuddled any more!

    There's not a lot you can do with a 6 week old though is there? We used to have a bit of playmat time, he used to sit in his bouncy chair and watch me or the tv, and we'd go out for lots of walks x
  • i've tried the bouncy chair but she hates it! oh well i'll carry on with the cuddles then and carry on as we are! xxx
  • I held Frankie almost all day when she was tiny. I used to put her on her playmat a bit every day but she got bored easily - probably cos she couldnt do much with it!!! Shes 19 weeks now and shes not clingy at all. Enjoy the cuddles cos Frankie wants to play all the time now.
  • Enjoy it while it lasts. I agree they don't stay that small for long and before you know it she will be dying to get on her mat or in chair rather than be cuddled.
    Wish I had cuddles my lo more. Too late now though. S x
  • i spent every min i had with my older two in my arms, justin was never clingy at all and maya was, not sure how charlie will be as only 17 weeks old x
  • Same here! Lily is now 13 weeks and still loves her cuddles best, but is slowly becoming more independent - she'll wiggle on her mat or in her chair for up to 15 mins at a time now.

    I don't care what other people think, I'm going to make the most of it image
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