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Another Reflux / baby constantly being sick Q

Ladies, I'm getting so frustrated now. Not sure if anyone can help with what happens now but as a recap my 3 month old has what i believe to be reflux. he was on infant gaviscon which has all of a sudden stopped working. he was then given domperidone which worked for a day before he started getting worse again. after 5 days on this he has been moved onto omeprazole. he has been on this since wednesday but this has made things even worse. i know we have to stick it out for 5 days but i really don't see this working either.
has anyone else been in this situation and what happens next? is it something we will just have to 'deal' with until he grows out of it?


  • hi wanna-bump,
    i did ask my doctor about ranitidine but he said it's milder than domperidone and omeprazole so it won't be any good. not sure how correct that is.
    we used to tilt his cot but he hated us doing that but thankfully his night time bottle is the only one he keeps down for some reason. he also hates the bouncer so i often sit him up in his car seat. i wind him after every 2oz now and keep him still and upright for about 30 mins after a feed. we put him in his jumperoo now too. he isn't tall enough to bounce in it yet so it's quite good for keeping him upright without all the jiggling about. unfortuntely the jumperoo has to be covered in muslin squares though image!
  • I have adult reflux and ranitidine worked way better for me than domperidone or omeprazole, I always thought that ranitidine was the strongest one.
    I started weaning at 18 weeks as my little one was being so sick and her weight gain wasnt brilliant, and the solids have realy helped with the reflux so far. She also is never sick at any of her night feeds. Very strange.

    I also found that not winding too much helped, as it seemd to aggravate it for us, I only wind for 1 burp in the middle and 1 burp at the end.
  • Hey sorry to G/C

    Omeprazole is stronger than Rantidine.

    Think the other ladies have covered all the bases really.

    good luck and hope it improves soon

  • Hiya, George suffers from reflux although his is largely due to poor muscle tone linked to his Down's syndrome. He never suffered when he was on milk, it has only really started since he went on to solids at 5 months - at only now, at 18 months, has it started to improve! We have had all the medicines that you have mentioned, and they have all worked for a while and then he's gone back to what it was before! The last one he was on was omeprazole, but his prescription ran out last week and we are still waiting for another one from his paediatrician - but, touch wood, he seems to be better in the last week or so, only the odd spit here and there. It may just be something that you have to live with, although if you are worried then you could ask for LO to have a barium swallow to check that all is normal 'on the way down'!
    S x
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