growth defect?? wonkey leg update

hi all,
well lydia saw the pead on monday, lydia was very uncooperative so the doc couldn't really examine her properly, shes going to get the physio to check her on the 15th and will see her again in a few months (think we're waiting for it to get worse so they can make a diagnosis) they also took a hip x-ray (just to be sure)

anyway I had another proper look at her yesterday and I dont think its just her leg, I think her whole body is shorter on the left side. her hip bone is also higher on the left so maybe the leg is fine but starts higher up so looks shorter??

does anyone have any ideas what this could be???


  • hey hunni
    didnt want to r & r. no idea what this could be, but i am a memberr of steps charity as my liitle one has problems with her hips - google it and then post a message - im sure someone would be able to help!! or ring the helpline tm - thery are so helpful and can even put you in touch with people for second opinions

    message me if u want to

    jane xxx
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