how'd you get your name?

being nosey here, as there a few names (not baby names, user names) i think are great, yet wondering how you got it!!

when i had my second, he couldnt say Oliver (his big brother), but called him Ollier for ages. it stuck, and as i had to change my password at work every 3 months, that was one i got too! 2001 - when he was born!!


  • For some reason everything in our house ends with moo - our dog Monty is Monty Moo, LO is Maddie Moo and so on and because I have lost all my marbles since being pregnant I am sillymoo!
  • I think mine is far too obvious after all these interesting ones!!
  • When my hubby and I met we kind of flirted in the corridoors of the hospital where we worked (I am a nurse and he is a Theatre Porter) He started to call me smiler.....I usually smile a lot cos im happy but smile a lot more when I see him (ahh please dont throw up
  • Mines is obvious as well lol.
  • i just made mine must have been sunny when i thought of it and the 21 at the end is my age,,,and it sort of
  • have to change mine now...far too boring in comparison! x
  • mine was my name, but I've changed it to my initials recently. Pretty boring really.

  • i got my name from when i was little,i was watching tv then (i was about 5) went into mum mum who was in the kitchen and told her i wanted to be called grudie and not lisa,all my life my family have called me this so just seemed conventent to have although nobody is sure of what i was watching on tv!!!,same as my oh who has been called fridge all his life or stretch by his army friends(hes 6.5")
  • mine is self explanitory i live in highlands and im fiona but the only person to call me fea is my hubby
    fea x
  • mine is obviously off itng!!! i love it just as much as brooke does.. was watching it when i registered on here.. and she reminds me of me!
  • Mines always been my nickname since being tiny by my family. Rhys also now gets Rhysy Roo poor thing wonder if that'll stick all his life too lol.
  • My hubby, bro & SIL all call me Pixie cos I'm so short and Woo is the first part of my surname. I like my username, I think it has a nice ring to it.
  • I'm ali(son) Owen so alioli is part of name but it's also garlic mayo in Spanish and my initials are AJO, which is garlic in Spanish! Good job I love garlic lol. I have a pretty stinky name then thinking about it....!
  • Mine came from work really - the IT department assign you a username that is the first five letters of your surname and first 2 of your first name. Surname is Jewson. It's handy really because it's quite unique and saves duplication on these sort of sites and ebay etc.

  • Mine rather obvious and boring also lol,But im Sarah Louise,my brother has always called me Sarahlou and the 78 is the yr i was born!!!!!!!!!!!!!need to be more imaginative i think lol
  • pixie-woo are you also woo-mummy? xxx
  • Well as you can all probably see I was about as uncreative as you can get with my username!!!! lol xx
  • another imaginative one here, lol, i was pregnant when joined and mum2b had gone, never bothered changing it once lo arrived. love some of the names though, feel i shouldve thought about it a bit more now haha
  • There were 6 other Emmas in my year at school and while I was in 6th form one of the girls called me emalenna to make it a bit different and it sort of stuck.... fairly boring really! x
  • mine is so boring and so not though about!! xx
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