for those with a petite star zia....

do they all come with a rain cover, and does the rain cover go over the whole pushchair? i am toying with the idea of buying one for weekend trips as the quinny takes up so much room in the boot, but I dont want one with a raincover that only goes over the chair opening, so that baby is dry, but the pushchair fabric gets soaked!

i want to get a nice berry coloured one image


  • I can't help but I am looking at getting a quinny buzz for my parents house but your post has got me thinking it may be too big for their little car (a Ford KA)...Off to start my own post to find out image

    K x
  • i can help!iv got a petite star in purple berry and also a quinny buzz snap!!mine came with a raincover and yes it goes over the whole thing, i love it!it doesnt fold down quite as small as i thought it would but compared to my quinny with all its added bits (carrycot etc..) it takes up no room whatsoever!i can easily fit it sandwiched between the front passenger seat and my daughters rear facing car seat so that the boot is still free (had no choice the other day as i was picking my parents up from the airport with big suitcases!).

    i defo recommend a zia and the purple berry colour is sooooo nice!xx
  • Hi i know you are looking at the zia but thought i would let you know i have a zapp (actiually its my 2nd one as i had one for my first daughter too but gave it away to my cousin image ) anyway it does fold very small and the rain cover does go over the whole pushchair.
    I brought mine for ??109 last week in strawberry (red) but for this price they also do it in iron (blue and grey)
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