At 4 weeks Isaac was just the same as your lo MrsS2B, it was such a difficult time- for everyone! me and oh were knackered, Isaac was really ratty ect! What we decided was that i would do everything in the evening with bubs. So i bath him, massag him, feed him ect- i then put him to bed, i also do all the night feeds and changes.

It does sound like my oh has it easy but to be honest i love it this way! I actually go to bed when Isaac goes down- to make sure i get my sleep too- which makes things so much more managable.

I also made sure our bedroom is very quiet, with just a night light on (so he can tell the difference between day sleeping and night sleeping- during the day he is down stairs- with tv/washer/hoover ect on)

I've tried keeping Isaac awake during the day- but he sleeps when he wants, as all babies do! I do spend alot of the day playing with him, talking to him, singing ect.

i ff so i really dont know how bf will effect things but good luck Hope this helps



  • Thanks for replying. I really appreciate it. Started last night trying to start a bathtime toutine before bed. Bathed Noah at 7.30 pm, fed at 8pm for half an hour and by 9pm he was asleep. He slept til 11pm, which was good (although I didn't get any sleep as I couldn't settle!) but then he woke for hjs fed after which he was awake until 2pm! He was quite content lying in his basket with the night light on and looking at his mobile - so that is an improvement as he used to scream every evening for about 3 hours, I think it was colic.
    Anyway, while awake i fed him twice more when he niggled for it and he was back asleep by 2,15am. He tricked me though by only sleeping for 30 mins and waking back up! lol. Got him off at 4am and he slept for a lovely 4 hours. However, as yet today he has only had a 30 min nap around 10am and he has been asleep for the last hour.
    I will definitely make bath/fee/bed a fixed routine and then hopefully after a while the rest of the waking etc will fall into line.
    Thanks for your help and congrats again on your lo xx
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