can you reccomend...

a good baby monitor? i've heard digital are best but not sure what to go for and now that hubby is due back at work will definately need one. xx


  • We were bought the Angelcare one by my auntie. It has 8 channels - we had the police coming through on 1st one!!!!! It is a pad that goes under the mattress so it picks up noise really well. You can also have it monitor movement but we dont. Another good thing is you can have it continous or so it only switches on the parent bit when noise is picked up. You can also change the sensitivity so when they are older and chatter to themselves you dont have to hear it. It is very sensitive on the highest setting cos once it picked up next door banging about.

    Just to add it has an alarm that goes off if the nursery bit is switched off, an alarm if no movement is detected and if temperature goes above/below a certain temp.

    Problem is because it is under the mattress you can only have it set up in one room (unless you move the cot lol)

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  • I bought the Tommee TIppee one with the sensor mat and although the sensor mat is good the sound on the monitor is terrible and used to keep me awake at night. Now I have the BT150 monitor and its great What I really like about it is I can set the temperature range up to alarm when it goes below or above set temps. When we have our next baby I will use the sensor pad with the base unit but the BT monitor for sound.
  • We have the bt 150, it's fantastic! We got it at a good price from amazon but that was a long time ago now!
  • We have a Fisherprice one, it was only ??19.99 in Babies R Us. It has a built in nightlight also.
  • We have the BT150 and never had a problem with it. Its FAB! We were advised by the Tommee Tippee people not to use the monitor with a sensor mat with it as we have a cot bed and a sprung mattress and it can give false readings as this was the one we were going to get.
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