Advice for taking baby abroad please (also in BIM)

We're planning a holiday with bubs to Cyprus for couple of weeks. This will be the first time i have been away with anyone else, let alone a 3 month old baby. I am completly lost as to what to pack for him, I know he's not going to wear much as it will be hot but im usure what else to take or what would be helpful that i might not think of.

So far this is what i can think of: (pleas add yours or let me know if i don't need to take something)

- 7 tshirts (planning on wasing to wear for 2nd week)
- 2 pair shorts
- 2 pair trousers
- 7 pair of socks
- 2 sun hats
- baby sandals (thinking in case he wants po put feet on floor might be too hot?)
- baby sun glasses
- Loads of baby suncream
- Baby carrier
- cheap pushchair (thinking our normal one will get trashed by airline)
- swimming nappies and pants
- 2 baby wetsuits / swimsuits
- room and bath thermometer
- Sleepsuits
- sleeping bag
- toys
- bottles
- milk powder for travel
- muslins
- 5 bibs (again washing)
- dummies (in TT steriliser cases )
- baby toiletries (baby wash & shapoo)

thinking we can buy mil and nappies over there.

Any advice from you lovely ladies with experience would be greatly appreciated please. also any tips whilst over there on what to do / not?


  • Will be keeping an eye on replies and saving your packing list for when I go in Sept!xxx
  • We are also going on holiday with LO at 3 months and I just started writing a list this morning. This is what it looks like at the moment (haven't bothered putting clothes on it yet):

    Milk/ formula
    Bottle cleaner
    Fairy liquid
    Bowl (for washing bottles)
    Play gym
    Cotton wool
    Nappy bags
    Cool bag
    Ice packs
    Bottle warmer
    Sheets/ blankets
    Washing powder

    Sure there are loads of things I haven't thought of but it may help.

    Have a fab holiday xx
  • We went to Cyprus last month with Freddie (he was 8 months) and had an amazing time!

    We took milk with us (he's mix fed so we don't use much formula anyway) and were glad we had as milk was expensive. Nappies were pricey too but it was better than taking a case full of them. We took swim nappies with us.
    We didn't take a sleeping bag as we figured it would be too warm and it was - although Freddie isn't sleeping in one at home at the mo either.

    We had 6 pairs shorts, 1 pair jeans and countless T shirts for him as well as 5 vests, 3 sleep suits and a sleeveless romper that my mum bought - we laughed at it but he wore that more than anything!
    The vests and sleepsuits came home unworn, Freddie slept in a long sleeved top and shorts.
    We took 2 swimsuits/sunsuits and that was fine.

    Even with all that I still put a wash on nearly every day - although Freddie is eating and is a messy eater too! At least you won't have to worry about baby food - bizarre flavours over there - I resorted to making a cheese sauce and buying some broccoli and pasta!!

    I packed 5 pairs socks - he wore one pair and that was just to come home in. He refused socks and sandals while we were over there and doesn't want to put them on now we're back either.

    We had a shade a babe for over the buggy which was FAB, kept him cool and we also clipped a buggy fan in the there so he had his own air con. We bought him a pair of Baby Banz but he wouldn't keep them on for more than 10 seconds. Also had an inflatable seat for him in the pool which he loved but at 3 months your lo might be too young?

    Whereabouts are you staying hun? I know some people have mosquito problems over there - we went armed with spray (child friendly from Boots) a net for the pram and one for the cot and then didn't see 1 mosquito or get bitten! Better safe than sorry tho ...

  • thank you so much for the reply welshka. some great tips that we will follow.

    The only other question im unsure about is whether we need to take a cheap buggy for travel or if we will be able to get away with just taking a carrier? we are going to have one when we arrive, so thats no problem. We just don't know if it's worth lugging since we will need to give it to check in anyway, or do they let you keep it until on the flight?
  • We couldn't have managed without our buggy - used it loads, really handy at the airport when your flight gets delayed (!) for daytime naps when having a stroll and brilliant for when you're out at night - Freddie would be full of beans and having a great time in a restaurant but as soon as he was in the buggy he'd be asleep on the way back to the apartment.
    We were allowed to keep the buggy right up until we were getting on the plane (flew with Jet2) then we just put it in the buggy bag and handed it over. When we got there it came off the baggage carousel pretty quickly but wasn't an issue as I'd splashed out on a Debra Clare all in one bag (converts to a carrier)
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