take a moment to pray for 2 week old baby imogen

POLICE have arrested a man after a two-week-old baby was left fighting for her life, it has emerged. Suffolk police last night confirmed a 26-year-old man from the Ipswich area was arrested in relation to the incident. His name is Peter Hadden of 70 York Cresent, Claydon, Suffolk!!!!!!!

Imogen Hayward, who was born on December 1, was on a life-support machine in the intensive care unit at Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, last night and was said to have a 50/50 chance of survival.

She is believed to have serious head injuries and fractures and bruises to her body.

Last nightthe father of the baby girl told the EADT he was ???????devastated??????? by the news.

Imogen's injuries were sustained following an incident late on Sunday night in Cedar Walk, Needham Market.

Imogen's father, James Curtis, 24, from Stowmarket, said last night: ???????I am really upset and I want to know what has happened. I am just shocked.

???????The hospital has said that if she does survive she will not be normal and there may be blindness. She has got really serious head injuries and is on a machine and not breathing on her own. She keeps having little strokes and has got a 50/50 chance of survival.???????

Neighbours said police arrived at the house shortly after 1pm on Tuesday and stayed until about 10.30pm.

Forensic police officers were seen searching the property taking pictures of the lounge and back garden.

A neighbour said he heard noises from the house on Sunday evening. ???????We turned the TV down to try and hear what was going on,??????? he said.

???????We knew that something had happened because of the amount of forensic police officers there on Tuesday.

???????They were taking pictures in the back garden and in the house. We just hope that the little baby will be okay.???????

A Suffolk police spokesman said last night: ???????We can confirm that a two-week old baby was admitted to Ipswich Hospital with injuries. The baby has being transferred to Addenbrookes Hospital and remains in intensive care.

???????A 26-year-old male was arrested in relation to the incident and has been released on bail to return to Bury St Edmunds police station at 3pm on Dec 23.??????? if you have face book we have group you can join which is updated with any recent news on my poor baby niece please come and show your support im sarah aston:cry:


  • awww hun how awful what on earth is going on in the world , if u can give me the details on the group i will join it and show my support for this poor baby girl ...(((hugs)))) xxxxxxxxxx
  • thanks chuffedbaby2 this litte girl is my brothers baby daughter so it means an awfull lot to me ad the family are you on face book if so search for me sarah aston london network will have pic of me and another girl and then i will send you the link from there
  • jesus there are some sick people in the world, im so sorry i hope the little girl will be ok. My thoughts and prayers are with you and her daddy xxx
  • sending you love and hugs.

    I hope Imogen gets better soon
  • hi hun,think i sent you a message on f.b asking for the link, hope little imogen pulls threw thinking of you,stay strong xx
  • I too have sent you a message requesting the link.

  • I have sent you a message through Facebook. I really hope Imogen pulls through. I'm thinking of you and your family.
  • oh hun, this is just awful! I don't know what is wrong with these horrible people!!!! How could anyone hurt something so small and precious!?

    I have sent you a message/friend request x
  • Good God why hasn't this been on the national news? Your poor family, will be thinking of you. xxx
  • Thats horrible!
    I hope they get to the bottom of whats happened and deal out the appropriate justice (methinks a room full of angry mums might bet better sometimes...)

    Will look for the group now hon.
    MY thought are with your family, and I really hope little imogen pulls through.
  • I hope Imogen pulkls through and this prat gets what he deserves. Poor little girl.

    I'll search for you now and send a friend request. Initals are RH and have no network picture.

  • I hope Imogen pulkls through and this prat gets what he deserves. Poor little girl.

    I'll search for you now and send a friend request. Initals are RH and have no network picture.

  • It's awful - I really hope and pray that little Imogen pulls through. With any luck they'll find out what has happened and punish those responsible.
    My thoughts are with your family.
  • Jesus i don't understand how these things keep being allowed to happen? my thoughts are with you & your brother & I really hope with all my heart that imogen is ok xx
  • hope little imogen better soon thinking of you allxx
  • Hi Sarah, have sent you a friend request and request for the link on fb. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family at the moment. I did hear about the incident on our local news as we live in Cambridgeshire. I hope they get to the bottom of what happened and pray that your niece will be ok. Hugs to you xxxx
  • Oh my god thats awful, im so sorry, Imogen will be in my thoughts. I hope shes gonna be ok.
    Lots of love to you and your family
  • Thats awful. Thoughts are with you all and Baby Imogen. Hope she pulls through.
    Love to you all Will check fb now
  • there are sick ppl out there how could someone hurt a little person or anyeone infact. i would like to join the group aswel plz. my thought are with the baby and all the family. x
  • edited .........because i think ive found u and sent u a message so if u can send me the link thanks hun xxx

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