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hi everyone!

we've bought/had bought us some teething rings and similar. some of them say not to sterilise. i was just wondering how i should keep them clean if i can't sterilise them? i want to give one to thomas (13 weeks) to play with and to try and stop him from chewing/sucking on other things but am paranoid about giving him anything to put in his mouth that isn't sterilised! only one of the things say they can be sterilised (cold water) so i'm trying that but i'm not sure what to do with the others?

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  • Hi mrs_e - I've been using Milton wipes to sterilise teething rings etc. However, so far I've found all the teething rings I've bought have been too big for my lo's mouth. They didn't seem big when I bought them - but I think that's why he doesn't like them. Has anyone found any that they're lo's particularly like?
  • hey hon, welcome to baby xxx

    You could either pour boiling water on them or stick them in the freezer for an hour or so. The cold will kill off any nasties.

    Hope you and Thomas are ok xxx
  • I 2nd Tequila! You wait though wont be long and everything he touches goes in image xxxx
  • The best teething device we found wasn't a ring it was a 'sophie the giraffe' this rubber squeky thing that resembles a dog toy more than a traditional teething ring but my son chose this over all teh various other he was bought (asda bears, baby einstein ring - although this is now a good hoopla!) and it's easy to clean, with lots of different size bits to chew on!
  • thank you for your advice image i do like the sound of milton wipes - hadn't thought of them!! xxx
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