routine help- only had bout 3 hours sleep last 5 days

Ok im now really struggling Caitlin is nearly 6 months and will not sleep.

Please can you ladies let me know your routines to see what i am doing wrong.

well it used to be
7am feed bf both
8.25 breakfast cereal
9 .30 nap
10.30- feed bf
12.00 lunch puree
1.00pm bf
1.30 sleep
2.30 wake and play
4.00 bf
5.30 dinner puree vegetable
6.30 bf
7.00 bath
7.30 bed
10.30 dream feed 7 oz

Should i stop breastfeeding, is it the routine or teething what x I eneded up falling asleep bf her in bed last night only for 10 mins but i was so tired.

Help !!!!


  • her routine now is

    5am bf
    restless till 7am
    7.30am bf
    breakfast 9am ish
    awake till 10
    10am sleep
    10.15 awake and stressy
    10.30 bf
    11 am sleep 10 mins
    12 lunch
    12.30 bf
    1 playing
    2still playing fighting sleep knocks back feed
    3 pick my son up, she falls asleep
    4- bf
    7 bath
    8 bf
    8.30-9 sleep
    9-11 awake and restless
    11 dream feed
    12 awake again not hungry wants to play
    1-2 asleep
    2-4 awake and wont feed or sleep
    5 awake bf

    argh xxx
  • Oh dear, I dont know what to suggest hun? I do remember that around 7 months Eoin drank alot less milk and really went for food instead, with snacks too. Maybe she needs more grub? Or its a growth spurt? However teething can turn them into monsters! SORRY i havnt been any help but I hope it gets better for you xxx
  • Oh babe - I dont have any advice for you as Im still getting up with Tyler, just wanted to say your not alone xx xx
  • Awh hun, having no sleep sucks!! I've had a rotten couple of nights as Millie's not been well so I can sympathsie. This is Barney's routine which works pretty well for us

    7-7.30ish Wakes up, bfed
    8.30 Breakfast
    9-9.30 Goes down for nap, has about an hour
    11.00 bfeed
    12.30 lunch
    1.00 nap, about and hour again
    3.00 bfeed
    4.00 nap, about 45 mins normally
    5.00 tea
    6.30 bath
    7.00 bfeed and then bed
    10.30 dream feed

    He normally wakes about 5 for a feed but I only started giving him tea yesterday so I am hoping he will drop this soon. Don't know if that's any help, got to shoot as we are going out!!
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