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i dont really know a lot about breakfast cereals cus i dont really like them. but daisy doesnt really like eating she is 16 months now and has been having rice crispies for breakfast i bought a selection pack of nestle cereals to try her with different ones aas i had heard some of you giving cheerios and things. she liked theses nestle cookie one cant remember exact name thing she liked them cus she could pick them up . it just doesnt seem right giving a chocolate flavoured cereal but i let her have chocolate cake buscuits etc cus she has lots of fruit. so my thinking is there is some nutrition as they are a whole grain cereal.
i constantly offer diffferent foods in the hope she will find something she likes and tbh im just glad when she erats anything. i am just interested in your opinions on cereals. just so you know i have tried weetabix and porridge and she just wont eat it. i perevered with weetabix for months and she went from half a bix to few spoons to complete refusal


  • Shreddies is a good one they stay stodgy enough to self feed with hands, Lexi starts of with the spoon but can fit more in if using her hands lol. She also likes cheerios and occasionaly we give the nestle cookie one's you mentioned. Not sure about the nutritional value in the chocolate cereals tbh, will keep a eye on this post. My friends lo is similar and eats hardly anything, she also can't seem to do lumpy food. They went to a specialist and they said as long as she is eating offer her goodies etc just to get her confidence with food going, so now its custard creams galore my friend is so happy her lo is eating and it seems to be doing the trick and she is trying more and more foods. Must be hard with a fussy eater, I am bad enough when she goes off her food due to teething etc....
  • I offer Archie a few cherrios from my bowl and he happily munches on them. they are wholegrain so I don't feel too bad.
    He's currently on ready break with some fresh fruit mashed into (it tastes horrid on it's own!)
    Not sure how I feel about choc flavoured cereal, probably not every day but once in a while.
    How about special K with the fruit in it. Or the flakes which are only partly flavoured with choc ? S x
  • thank you for that appreciate it. i will try the shreddies tomoro and let you know how we get on. and you have made me feel so much better with that about your friend.i have 2 friends with babies that eat really well and it makes me sad cus ive tried so hard with daisy .people tell me how their children lived on wotsits and fromage frais for 18 months and their doctors told them it was fine but i just never believed it. daisy eats plenty of fruit but i just worry there is such little calories . she looks healthy and is on go all the time and people tell me i shouldnt worry but again thank you for making me feel better x
  • Gabe is like Daisy so I sympathise, he is so fussy about his food, he will eat absolutely anything if it's jar food but sometimes won't even taste food even if he has eaten it 1000s of times before, very odd.

    I would try shreddies too, soak them in milk for a bit then give them to lo as a finger food, Gabe loves them! I LOVE shreddies too so I can eat them if he doesn't.

    I think kids are very resilient, I do feed Gabe chocolate biscuits and quavers/skips cos sometimes he won't eat anything else, I don't think it does them any harm. I exist on cereal, pasta and noodles when I'm working and rarely eat a proper cooked meal with meat, veg etc just because I don't like it as much, and takes ages, anyway it hasnt done me any harm.
  • Personally I would never give Charlotte any choccie flavoured cereal, I reserve choccies as treats or for a snack every now & again.

    A lot of cereals do have a lot of sugar in them, even the ones you don't expect to which can be a pain.

    I normally give Charlotte Weetabix (inc supermarket own brand), Ready Brek, and now she loves Cornflakes all of a sudden. She also had Cheerios but as a snack really to crunch on. I've yet to try her on some Shreddies.

    I would try her on something like cornflakes, rice crispies or shreddies. Or wouls she eat toast for brekkie?
  • thank you for our comments. yeah daisy is just like that tigerlilly i give her her fav foods and she will just refuse them i think omg you really liked this last week!!!
    i agree ccbmommy i wouldnt choose to give choc flavoured cereals but i just want to see her enjoy her food. i always said i never wanted to make an issue out of eating. i dont understand much about food nutrition but my thinking is its better than giving her a chocolate biscuit . she always has a fruit salad after every meal including breakfast and will nibble on few bits toast but not even 1/4 slice. i will try her with some shreddies tomoro
  • I know it's SO frustrating!! Gabe used to love baked beans but now he won't touch them??

    If she doesn't like the shreddies you could try her with porridge again but with a touch of honey/golden syrup?? For breakfast Gabe either has ready brek, shreddies, baby cereal or rusk mashed in milk, I know he's too old for mushed up rusk but he really likes it when he's being fussy!!
  • Tegan has weetabix, cornflakes and shreddies for breaky. along with some fruit. i personally dont give her anything sugary for breakfast but i do offer her chocolate as a snack sometimes image xx
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