Bottle Teats!!

I've changed the teats for Jacks bottles to the next size (6 months plus) but was wondered if anyone knows how long I can keep the old ones for and if it is ok to use them for our next baby (eventually)!:?


  • no - i think you supposed to replace teats regularly. we never changed the teats for new ones except when we went to a faster flow while zach was using them, but we did get new ones for when noah was born. we kept the bottles tho. i think you're supposed to replace them too - especially if they get scratched but ours were in really good condition so we kept them.
  • they say not to keep them but we are going to! i dont know anybody who's bought new ones (apart from on this site) and i dont see any harm in keeping them if you are thoughrally washing them and then sterilising them. i think it's just a waste of money to get new ones tbh and think the risks of anything bad happening are rediculously low.
  • i think we will keep ours and if they are still in good condition when we have next baby will use them.. if not then will buy new ones.. think thats the easiest way.. i have all mine back in the packaging then all stored in a big tupperware box.. x
  • i think you're supposed to change them every so often but Paige is 9 months old now and is still on the first teats i bought, i have new ones but she just cant cope with them she chokes and is sick with them so these teats are now 9 months old and she gets on fine with them
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